Sunday, June 26, 2011

It's late and I can't think of a title!

Lochan had his hearing test last week and "passed with flying colours" is what the technician said. He has a little congestion in his right ear still, so his low frequencies are one notch below perfect but that should go away. Amazing to think that his vision is normal and his hearing is stellar as well! Can I get a whoot whoot?!

He loves to pull himself up these days and military crawl like lightning. He is sooo fast! He is just a happy boy. Smiling pretty much all the time. He does let you know when he wants something though. Usually it has to do with when he's sitting in his high chair waiting for food!! Thankfully he's eating a lot more than just purees so he can feed himself some puffs or fruit pieces or whatever while he waits for his cereal. I'm beginning to think that I can stop giving him his cereal twice a day now that he is eating so well and instead replace one of the servings to a slice of bread. That way he'll still get the iron he needs. I try to vary up the flavour so he's not just getting the same cereal morning and night day after day but still.

We had a nice visit with Rob's dad and his wife yesterday. So nice to see them and catch up. They live a few hours away so we don't get to see them as often as we would like. They definitely saw huge changes in the kids.

I know there is a lot of things I want to blog about but my brain is starting to shut down. I'm getting pretty tired. I spent some time tonight uploading photos and videos and now my brain is mushy to be able to put to page all my thoughts and memories from the last few weeks. So you'll have to stick with me here.

I put Lochlan on our scale the other night out of curiousity and it said 14 pounds. So I'm anxious to see where we're at next month at his next doctor's appointment. I definitely know he's growing!!! So much bigger to maneuver when I'm nursing or carrying him around. And my muscles are starting to feel it more too!!! But that's a good thing!!!

Lochlan has always enjoyed books but lately he's been really getting into our storytime. He really loves "Snuggle Puppy" by Sandra Boynton. Which is great - Abby loved it too! He started saying "ruff ruff" after I say it about the dogs. So cute!

He got his 5th tooth on June 21st. His bottom middle right or as Wendy would say his lower incisor...oh man I don't even know if that's correct without checking your blog Wendy!!! lol

Just know he got another tooth!!! And he decided to test them out for the first time the other day! Not so fun! But thankfully it was a one shot deal and I'm hoping it stays that way!!!!

He also signed "more" the other day but so far I've only seen it the one time. Abby used to sign "more" all the time. I haven't been as diligent with Loch but try to sign it for him as often as I can.

I finally picked up some batteries for the puppy that my Grandma and Uncle Roy got Abby for Christmas. It's so cute. And she loves it and Lochlan loves it too!

I didn't realize she'd "fed" the puppy a barbie! Puppies eat bones...oh dear! Hope it's just a coincidence!

We took the puppy for a walk outside. Needless to say, it's a bit dirty now! Abby wanted to give her a bath. Yeah, that wouldn't work out so well!!

Last week when Rob was getting ready for school, Abby wanted to help him get dressed. He came down looking like this:

He took a spare with him in the car! I told him, don't forget!! Wouldn't that have been funny! A bunch of teenagers wondering why their teacher is wearing a Santa tie!

Happy to report that we have been making progress in the #2 department with Abby. I took her to COPC (Children's Outpatient Clinic) a few weeks ago. We were having a really hard time with getting her to have a poop. She is a withholder and crosses her legs so pretty much none was getting out. So frustrating and stressful for both her and for us. She had some constipation issues in the past and has hung on to that and is scared to poop for fear it will hurt. We've tried everything - ignoring it, talking to her calmly, explaining, incentives, holding her on the potty....all to no avail. Finally I was at my wits end. Plus she had started leaking in her underwear which was a big pain. And quite frankly I was tired of buying pullups just so she could poop!!!
We were there for 2 hours and basically they told us to increase her medication (it's stuff you put in her drink that retains the water in her bowels creating a soft stool) and also to have timed pottytime 10-15 mins, 2-3 times a day. Okay...that is a chore in itself! So I tried that. And she was still crossing her legs and asking for a pullup. Well, I finally decided that since we were running out of pullups to not get anymore to see what would happen. I felt like the meanest mommy on the block but it's working! I have to read her a story over and over but she's been so happy when she does go. She freaks a little when she knows it's about to happen, but I coak her through it and she's been very successful! Really hoping we're turning over a new leaf! I also had bought a toy that she would get if she did 3 big poops on the potty. She's been playing with them the last few bathtimes!!! YAY!!!! Please God, let us get over this issue once and for all!!!

Well I really need to get to bed. It's almost midnight and the morning hours are getting closer and closer and my "why didn't I go to bed earlier" thoughts are starting to kick in. Oh well. Sleep schmeep!"

A few more pics to enjoy:
Abby and daddy "gaming"

Abby being a drama queen and saying she was very upset about something. So cute though. And awful hard to resist!

And Lochlan being all cute as can be.

And one last video of Abby and Lochlan passing the ball. Love my kids.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

"Stand up, baby stand up!"

We have a stander people! Well, he can pull himself up to a standing position when holding onto something. People, boxes, chairs, shelves, etc. He was doing it by holding on to our hands, but today he started doing it all by himself. Amazing!!!!

Must have been that 3 hour and 15 minute nap he had yesterday morning. Prepping himself for his big day!!! We lowered the crib in preparation on May 26th since I could tell it was only a matter of time!

ha ha how funny the freeze frame is him falling over!

Lochlan has had another busy couple of weeks. He now weighs 13 pounds, 5 3/4 ounces and is 26.5 inches tall!!!! So he's growing better! Although really he's like a pound for every month since he's been born! Oh well. We'll take it!

We met with Dr. Flavin just this past Tuesday when we got him weighed and measured. Dr. Flavin is in simple terms, his lung doctor. Lochlan no longer requires his puffers!! zip nadda, zilch!! We finally stopped his Flovent that he was getting. (a puff in the morning, and a puff at night) LOOOONG way from the 2 puffs of Ventolin, 2 puffs of Atrovent, and 3 puffs of Flovent 3 times a day that he was getting in the beginning)

We will have to start the Flovent again September 1st in prep of cold/flu season I'm guessing. He didn't really say but that's what I'm assuming anyway. And if he does get a cold to give him 2 puffs of Flovent morning and night and Ventolin as needed. So we'll always have them nearby.

But that's good enough for me!

He got his fourth tooth (his top middle left) at exactly 13 months old. (June 5th)and the others are not far behind I think!

He started feeding himself more than just puffs too! Abby had given him a Shreddie and I freaked out at first but then took a breath and just watched...he ate the darn thing!!! (I still had a talk with her!!) So I decided to try giving him some bread pieces and banana. He loved it! Now he eats pretty much anything! Ham, strawberries, blueberries, kiwi, pears, cheese...some of the fruits are a bit tough for him to pick up so I have to help him but he loves it!! And it's such a nice break and gives me a minute to prep his cereal or other food or even eat myself!! (or get a few dishes done too!)

What a difference a few weeks can make!!!

I always think of a million things to blog about and then when I finally have a free moment or two, I forget what I wanted to say!! I should write myself notes!!!!

We went swimming last week for the first time in our pool! The heater is broken for some strange reason so it was a wee bit chilly. The first time, Lochlan cried and clung to Rob for dear life. A few days later it was a little warmer (78 I think) and he was happy! It worked out that I took him when Abby was napping, and then when he went for a nap, I took Abby! She LOVES to swim!! So I'm hoping that he will too! I had taken Loch swimming for the very first time on his birthday at one of the local pools and he wasn't a fan at all. Or if he was he didn't indicate it. We have all summer to get him used to it though. Really hoping it's a easy and inexpensive fix for the heater. I know most people don't have heaters and the pools are warm but we don't have much sun in our backyard. So today for instance, it was 72. And I find that chilly!!! I remember as a kid swimming in like 64 degrees but I'm not a kid and need my pool to be mid 80s preferably!!

Lochlan has also been loving getting into everything these days. He has a ball playing in Abby's room. She has a princess tent and he loves to go in and out of it. Today he was playing "peekaboo" funny!

And yesterday Abby took her "babe" for a walk in the stroller around the neighbourhood. And tonight she had to give her a bath and put her to bed. So cute! So I'm thinking that might be a good distraction for those nights I'm trying to get Lochlan into bed and she's right there and not helping the situation if you know what I mean!!!

And we went for a walk in the afternoon with Lochlan. This is too cute not to share!!