Thursday, May 10, 2012

Happy birthday baby!

Baby? No, not so much anymore! A two year old! A walking, talking, dancing, climbing, happy two year old! Yowza!

So much to say yet I've completely forgotten almost all of what I've been meaning to write down!
Lochlan is the most amazing little boy I know and I think, will ever know. He is such a delight. He absolutely LOVES to dance. His favourite song is "Tonight is the night" by Outasight. He gets his arms going and gosh it's so stinkin' cute! (see previous post for evidence!) He break dances (falls on the ground and gets back up and even in the car he loves to "dance." Well okay, wiggle and wave his arms and have this huge grin on his face. He'll say, "Abby, dance!" And even request to hear songs.

And the boy has some manners! Last week, I sneezed and I heard this little "bless you." Really? *heart melts*

For his birthday this year, (pics to come) we went to the park to start with the kids. Lochlan absolutely loves being outside so I thought where better to be to celebrate his birthday than outside! He ran around that playground, went for a swing, then another swing, yet another....slid down a few slides, saw the ducks, played in the sand, and just kept running and giggling.

Afterwards, we went back to our house where Rob's mom and Caelyn, Dee & Cole had decorated for us. (THANK YOU!) and had all the party favors ready to go. (Beta fish complete with the bowl, fish food, the little colourful rocks, and some greenery. ("weeds") Thank you to Kirstie for the idea and for getting them.

So we had a visit and a BBQ of hotdogs, no scratch that - ginormous hotdogs, and hamburgers, and potato salad and a pasta salad. Just  your classic BBQ meal. And chippies of course and cake.

Yes, the cake. Lochlan tried to blow out the candles....hee hee. He had to have a little help. But he certainly tried! I cut up the cake and handed it out, and a present was given to Loch and wouldn't you know it, I totally forgot to give him his cake!!!! So now, that's 2 birthdays in a row, he hasn't had a piece of his own cake!!! (Last year he was too young and didn't care about the cake - we tried but he just wasn't interested!)

So I thought that was pretty fuuny. Sorry buddy! I'm sure you'll make up for it in years to come. Actually, Abby was all excited about her piece and she didn't even eat hers. No interest. Not a cake fan I guess.

Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate Lochlan's birthday. Later that evening, we went to a wedding reception. We took Abby & Loch with us. They were so excited to be dancing that Loch turned to run back to the dance floor, and Abby was running back the other way, and they collided. BIG goose egg. HUGE! Scared me somethin' good. There were lots of little ones running around and it made me very nervous. Especially after that!

But that didn't slow Lochlan down. He continued to run around and dance his little heart out and to climb the stairs on the stage and scoot himself down again, and to run around again....It was definitely time to go home. It was pretty exhausting chasing after him. Couldn't he just stay in one spot????!!

Um no.

Our kids have never been ones to just chill. They are super busy and interested.

So that was bonk #1. Oh yes, there was another one.

Tuesday night, I was preparing supper and Lochlan kept trying to help me cook. He likes to push the chair over to the stove and stand up on it. Yes - good times! I kept putting him back down. I even took him and sat him on the naughty step and he sat there for a minute or so. (surprisingly he actually sat there!) But that was a game to him and he was right back to getting up on the chair. Well, I was just about to put him back down, when NOSE DIVE - he fell head first into the floor. I screamed. Yes I screamed. Thankfully, he cried right away. He didn't get a huge goose egg like the one on Saturday night but he definitely bumped it hard. Right on the top on his forehead in the center. Geez Louise!

I was nervous about leaving him with a new sitter who was set to arrive any minute. But he was okay. Thank God. And I asked her to check on him after he was sleeping.

I would like to take him to see the nurses and doctors in the NICU but I think I'll wait until his bruises go away!!! Sheesh!

I have recently become a guest blogger for My first post is yet to come but please do check out the website. It is a great resource for parents of preemies - especially those who are just beginning this crazy journey.