Sunday, August 7, 2011

uh oh!

It's official. Nursing is now finished. Lochlan had been weaning himself over the past few months. It got to the point where it made me a bit frustrated and sad to have him push me away or laugh. So I gave in and tried only nursing him in the morning and before bed, and if he woke up overnight. He gave up the before bed pretty quick.

So I was down to when he woke up in the morning. I really wasn't letting down anymore so I decided that when I woke up August 1st, that that was the magic day. He's been doing fine. Loves his sippy. Problem is he tries to drink it so fast that he sometimes chokes a bit. So I'm debating on trying a bottle overnight. The last few days he's been waking up overnight quite a few times, drinks a tiny bit then goes back to sleep. Frustrating as last night was brutal. But I have to remind myself that he has been sick this week and is just getting back to eating normally. So hoping it's just that he needs the extra calories and not just a snuggle. Don't want to get into that habit. Even though I love his little arms wrapped tightly around my neck. He gives some really great snuggles and that's one of the special moments I'll miss as he gets older.

This week marked a few great moments. Lochlan saying "uh oh!" being one of them.

He had a high fever last week. From Monday to Friday actually. It was 103.7 f on Tuesday night and kept around 101 for most of the week without meds. I had to double dose him if you will...well not double his dose but give him Tylenol and Advil just to bring down the fever. I was going to take him to the doctor's but Friday morning, his fever finally broke. Turned out I'd been under dosing him on the Advil according to his weight. So perhaps that did the trick or he finally fought off what ailed him. It's great having a sister in law that knows all that stuff. Thanks Fiona!

So the fever disappeared and then came the rash. What the? Friday I noticed a faint rash starting to appear but didn't think much of it. Saturday morning however, it was not faint but covered his entire back, belly, chest, neck, and a bit of his face. Abby even had a really red rash on her bottom. So off we went to see the doctor. 3 hours later and we were on our way home again. Lochlan's rash turned out to be a post viral rash and Abby's had faded so ended up being nothing. Glad I went though since they said it will last a few days. I would have been wondering and been concerned. Better to know than have it be something that needed treatment.

The kids were really really good. A bit restless toward the end, but overall I couldn't have been more pleased with their behaviour. Abby did try to be funny and run away on our way back to the car. So frustrating when she does that. Freaks me out. I just wish there was a way I could help her understand how dangerous it is. We'll get there I'm sure. I just have to keep reinforcing how to behave.

So that was our week of minor health issues.

Last weekend we went to a cottage my sister and her husband's family rented for the week. We had a great time. Lochlan loved splashing in the water. Abby went for another boat ride too. She loves it.

We went to a private beach with Danielle and her two boys on Tuesday and had a blast. So much fun. That's when I really noticed that Lochlan was feeling under the weather. My iPod wasn't charged so we only got a few shots after the fun at the beach.

Here's the gang! Love these kids.

We went out to the cottage again on Friday and Abby went "fishing." So cute. I love this shot. The clouds look so neat.

Then yesterday afternoon we went to the Verona Cattails Festival. My friends Jeff and John were singing as The Campfire Boys. Sooooo good. Always love hearing them play. It was awesome to share that with Abby and Lochlan. My parents went too.
When we first got there, Abby got her face painted. She chose the puppy dog. So adorable.

She asked to play golf. So poppa stepped up to the plate. Rob will be thrilled. He hopes she'll play it and make lots of money! ha ha Not sure about that form just yet!

They had a "choo choo train" that Abby absolutely couldn't get enough of. I mean, instant tears when we said she couldn't go again. The lady running it ended up giving her a few free rides. She rode that thing so many times. At least 5x! A couple of times with my dad and a few with me, and then with my mom too. I would have taken Lochlan but it went under a "waterfall" and it was freezing cold. So cute to hear her excitement.

Rob and I celebrated our 4th anniversary on August 3rd. We had a great day even though it rained on our date. We did an amazing race type thing in Kingston. Then hit up an ice cream place. So yummy! It was nice to spend the afternoon together just the two of us. Thanks mom and dad.

And we're coming up on another anniversary - Lochlan's home-iversary! August 16th for that. So that will probably be my next blog. Hopefully one in between.