Friday, January 13, 2012

Walking, dancing, singing

Lochlan went to the Ear Nose and Throat clinic a few weeks ago and we were told that he may need to have ear tubes put in to help drain the congestion in his ear. I was quite surprised to hear this as I really think that he hears quite well. And he does but if I remember correctly it was the super low frequencies in his one ear. So he has a follow up appointment in a few months and we'll know then if they need to schedule the surgery or not. Hopefully not! He'd have to go under again and yeah, that's a little nerve-wracking and brings back a lot of memories.

He is doing so well these days. He's walking all the time. Falling down quite a bit but walking. It's so cute. Especially outside in the snow. Today he literally giggled as he walked out the door and down the walkway. (as a side note he started walking more than crawling just after the New Year - around Jan 2nd or 3rd.

Here is a super short video of him walking (and falling down!) He was very tired. He does fall down quite a bit but usually not that much!

And his vocabulary is increasing on a daily basis. He really likes to repeat words and expressions.

His favourite words these days: toast, no (or no no no!), apple (applies to oranges too), peeze (please), juice (really just means a drink), hello, bye bye, baby, Ab (for Abby), cheese

He also likes to sing "Bob, the Builder" from the theme song, and told me the other morning "mama, the toast popped!" And he gave something to Abby once and said "here you go!"

It's nice to be able to have a little bit of an understanding of what he's trying to say. He totally gets what we're saying. Well most of it anyway!

He's got a full set of teeth now. He cut the majority of the last ones all at once. I remember looking in his mouth and seeing so many pieces poking through at the same time. Poor thing! But now they are all in! Good job buddy!

I gave him his first haircut just before Christmas. We were over the mullet look. Poppa held him, I trimmed the back of his hair and Nana took some pics. (which I have to get a copy of!)

Abby's due for one. I'm thinking of getting it all cut off nice and short. Not boyish but short enough that it won't get tangled. She hates having her hair brushed. And anytime I put it up, or do anything nice with it, it's a struggle to get done and then 5-10mins later, it's out and messed up again. So we'll cut it off and then let it grow and it should be long again for when she starts school in the fall.

We've been doing some Pre-K books. We call it her "homework." She really loves it and is quite good at answering the questions or doing what it asks. Hoping and praying she'll be as excited years down the road!

It's hard to believe that Abby will be starting school this year and that Lochlan will be 2 in less than 4 months. They've both had big growth spurts. Abby outgrew pretty much all of her clothes in the last few weeks. Had to have a mini shopping spree for her! And Lochlan is growing growing growing too! Almost in 18 months jammies. Still getting away with the 12 months size but they are getting a little short on his arms and his legs are almost too long for them now too. So in a few weeks I'm sure we'll be making that transition! Amazing to think he was in 0-3, and 3-6 months clothes for a year and now in the last 6 months, he's jumped sizes so fast! He wears 12 months pants now too!!! His waist has finally caught up! So he wears 12-18 months clothes. Woo-hoo!

And I think he's about 19-20 pounds. The stinker won't let me put him on the scale! And I haven't taken the time to weigh him in my arms and subtract the difference.  He doesn't have an official doctor's appointment until March 19th with Dr. Moore.  Hopefully by then he'll be 22 pounds. That's the goal I'm setting!

Anyway, here are a pics and videos to enjoy!

Lochlan dancing with Abby and Ryan

And Abby singing an original song:

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Christmas post coming soon

So much to update! We have a walker! It was quite a moment for me tonight when I got home from work that Lochlan walked to greet me saying "momma" rather than crawling at a high speed!
He walks 95% of the time now. Actually could be closer to 99%! lol

A huge milestone!

More to come...