Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Happy 5th Birthday! (May 5th)

Happy birthday Lochlan! 5 years old! What an awesome time we had celebrating him. He is so incredibly kind, thoughtful, funny, joyful and loving. Last week he told me that his heart is full of love. And it is. It so is.

These days he is into Mario. We try to do a family game night every Friday night. (because otherwise the kids would drive us crazy asking to play the Wii pretty much every day!! But it also gives us a regular night committed for family time.) He had his Mario themed party on Saturday.  Lots of friends over to celebrate. It was a beautiful day so we spent some time outside enjoying it. But we also did games such as Mario musical coins (musical chairs but they had to grab yellow plates when the Mario theme song stopped), Mario says (simon says), and a few other games as well. Then everyone wanted to play actual Mario Wii games so they teamed up and took turns doing that for a bit. The cake was amazing!  Wish I could say I did it myself but, negative. Thank you Metro!!   It was a fun and crazy day. Because Lochlan's birthday is also Cinco de Mayo, his aunties and cousins came over in the evening with a Mexican fiesta!  And that's also where Lochlan received a pretty sweet present: his very own MarioKart!!!  So cool.
I feel like as the years go by, I start to focus more on just celebrating him and all the wonderful qualities he has and less on the memories of his actual birth and the challenging and scary times surrounding it. Perhaps it is because I have tried to always focus on the positive.  But it helps when he is just so excited for his birthday. To him, it doesn't mean anything scary. It's just a special day. It's all about the love we have for him. (and cake....and presents....)
So blessed and thankful.
Side note:
I want to share a lovely story with you. A few weeks ago I had the flu. While putting Lochlan to bed as I was laying with him he started making little crosses on me. On my forehead, my heart ....he said "peace" then he made them on my legs, my arms, my tummy...He said "mommy, I'm putting crosses on you to help you get better!"
Amazing right? So sweet and it really moved me.
The next day, he came running into our bedroom and said "Mom, did it work? Are you all better?" Believe it or not, my fever had finally broke in the night! I said "it worked! You did it buddy!" He was beaming. I asked him how he knew to do that. His response?
"God made me."