Thursday, November 24, 2011

almost walking!

On Friday (November 25th) Lochlan took 2 steps to show off in front of Granny. He's soooo close to walking! He's very eager and I have no doubt that he will be walking by Christmas. Look out world!
And just when we thought we were busy now!!! eek! It's exciting though. It's been a long time coming that's for sure. He's got a bit of a daredevil streak in him. He really loves to climb. I know I've mentioned this in a previous blog but his most recent thing to climb is up on Abby's bed. Good times. So now we can't really play in Abby's room without him crawling up on her bed and being so excited that he all but rolls off the bed!

He accomplished a few more things this week: He got his 9th tooth. (and 10th!) I didn't notice until it was fully in! It is one of his chewing teeth...the bottom right back molar.

And I noticed his 10th tooth poking through a few days ago. His top left tooth that's beside the eye tooth. I would never make a great dentist! I can't even name the teeth! But really I doubt it will matter what tooth came in when,  in the future! Just as long as he gets all his teeth! Which can sometimes be an issue for preemies. Something to do with what happens during childbirth....somethings released....I don't know. I'm trying to search my memory but it seems to be failing me slightly at this moment. I just know that there was a bit of concern when I was doing some research about him having some teeth issues.

Here he is looking pretty handsome in his lil dress shirt and tie! All dolled up for Christmas pictures! You'll have to wait to see the final result!

He has also been saying some more words lately. He said "cracker" and sang/hummed the tune of "Old MacDonald" when he was looking at the book.  He also likes to "sing" along to his bedtime song "Goodnight sweetheart" which is super cute. He babbles through it then leans in and gives me a big kiss! Which is another word he likes to say too: "kiss." And he's been attempting the ABC song too! Love it!

He gets very interested in the lights on the oven and wants to be picked up to see it. Or, I should say, touch it!  Of course he wants to try to touch the lights so if there is a pot on the stove, I'll say "hot" and he says it back.

Other words: "quack quack", "nana" (not said together! ha ha)

Loch's starting to feed himself with a spoon. He is so funny. He'll give this big grin and you can just tell how happy he is to be doing it himself. In fact, sometimes he'll only let you feed him, IF he's holding a spoon too!

Sunday night we decorated our Christmas tree and put up some decorations. Abby totally thought Santa was coming that night. Such a sweetheart. She even got some snacks for Santa: 2 pears, some carrots, and some peas! I told her that Santa wasn't coming that night but she said "mom, mom, mom, it's okay! Santa needs a snack!" So I just left them out and hoped she wouldn't be too disppointed in the morning. Rob explained again before bed that he doesn't come until next month. I'll admit though, she did hang her head for a bit Monday morning and said, "oh, Santa didn't come!" We did make a point of saying that an elf must have come and took the snack to Santa. (when it was gone later)

Rob tried to give some suggestions as to what she should leave for Santa on Christmas eve. He told her he thought we should leave a beer and maybe a turkey sandwich.  She said, "No Dad! 2 pears, carrots, and some peas....and a beer!" Fair enough! Let's see what happens next month!

Yesterday morning we awoke to snow on the ground. (and freezing rain actually) Lochlan seemed pretty fascinated watching the snow fall but he wasn't overly thrilled with his snowsuit and gloves and new boots. I think he felt very restricted so he wasn't outside long. It will make a big difference when he's able to walk for sure. Abby on the other hand was out the door in her jammies pretty much when she got out of bed. She did manage to put on her coat and hat and boots and my gloves. She was all ready to build a snowman right then and there! She came back inside and said "mom, it's all snowy and crunchy! You've got to try this!" 

We ended up having to delay our snowman building for a few hours since Lochlan needed boots. Why I hadn't got them up to this point, I have no idea! When we did finally get to build the snowman, she was in heaven. She just loves being outside. And LOVES the snow. She's been wanting snow for at least a month now! She was a little bummed that the snow was melting this morning. I told her not to worry - that it would be back! She actually said "Mom, do we need to take down the decorations now that the snow is all melted?" Um no...

I managed to capture Lochlan nodding his head the other day. So cute! It's the big grin that accompanies it that makes it that much cuter! Enjoy!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Nod your head!

Lochlan's latest achievement is nodding his head "yes." He has nodded in the past, but this week it's all about nodding yes to questions such as do you want your milk/bottle or my fav - do you want to go for a nap?

He nods his head, I put him down and he's out for at least 2 hours! YES!!!! Nod that head boy! lol

Julie, from infant development came by for a visit on Wednesday. Lochlan has been discharged from the program!!! She left me some sheets to check off for when he gets to 18 months corrected and if there are any concerns to contact her and she'll reopen the file.

He will still go to the special infant clinic for his development in February. This was just an extra program that was offered because he was so early. It was more an at risk program. She said that it is just a matter of time before he starts doing some things. He is showing lots of signs already. He's standing up. He's going up on one knee. He even took one small step last week before falling! So exciting!

Yesterday (Sunday) he started saying "momma."  He had said it a few times in the past but it was more of a random thing. But now it's specific to me! LOVE it!

He nodded his head "no" today too. Usually it's no they master first, but his has been "yes." And I swear he said "cracker" tonight as well as, oh silly me, I forget. But I think it was the letter "k" he repeated back to me while he was in the bathtub.

He totally gets what you say to him. He babbles right along. Or if you say something like "let's go have a bath" he'll go to the bathroom.So incredible.

His hair is growing in quite rapidly too. Soooo time for a haircut. But it's mostly just at the back. You could say he has a mullet! Oh dear! Definitely time for a haircut! Seriously, you can put it in a wee little pony!

Not cool.

Monday, November 7, 2011


I'm in the process of writing a new post....

In the meantime, Abby has been saying and doing some really cute things lately! (when is she not really!?) So I invite you to check out my other blog where I try to keep track of the super cute and fun things she comes out with!