Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"Shout it, shout it, shout it out loud!"

I can't believe I quoted a KISS song. I must be married to Rob!

I'll get to the reason I picked that blog title in a minute. It's worth the wait - trust me!

Yesterday, I noticed I had a few red bumps on my left abdomen. I wasn't overly concerned thinking they were bug bites. No big deal. Last night after coming home from the hospital, I had way more. Left abdomen, left lower back, and left bosom. A little itchy but nothing like the "shingles" I apparently had a few weeks back. Side note -- the blood test came back from that and it was negative. But the doctor said it may have been that I was tested too early. Righto...the swab results still are not back yet.

Anyway, I decided to book an appointment with my doctor to go see what was up. (and fretted in the process) I told Lochlan's nurse and waited to call the doctor's office for 9am. (when they open) My doctor (well the receptionist who books the appts and consulted with one of the doctor's said to contact Dr. Onyette (she's on holidays and out of the country by the way) but to contact her office and infectious disease and have them consult on it. Take a look, etc.

I called Lochlan's nurse, told her this...she said she'd ask around as Dr. Onyette doesn't really have a replacement while she's away. And that it should be my doctor who diagnosis it. Which I thought the same thing to begin with but whatever.

The hospital called me back and said that it was okay to come in and feed Lochlan. (He's already in isolation) I called back my Doc and got an appt for 1:30pm.

End result: Doctor said I have....ready for this? Bed bug bites! Are you freakin' kidding me? Bed bugs!! That's just nasty! And where the heck did those come from? Rob and Abby don't have any bites so I'm thinking it's not our mattress but I did sleep in the chair that pulls out into a cot at the hospital the last few nights for a few hours each. Either way, I went home immediately and threw my sheets in a hot water wash cycle. They did say that Kingston has a bit of an outbreak of bed bugs. Nice eh! Even in the cleanest of homes and hotels.

I'm freaked out about the bed bugs thing but a bit relieved that it's nothing more serious. I honestly thought, if they make me stay away from Lochlan for another week or more, I will lose my mind.

Well....now I'm being told that infectious disease control wants me to go see the dermatologist to confirm the diagnosis. Argh! They don't trust my doctor! Or the person she got a second opinion from who I believe is a pretty high up doctor.

So now I have to wait to see when that appointment will be. This hospital must love me. I did mention how I thought it might be from sleeping on their cot. Perhaps they are concerned they have a bed bug problem at KGH! Either way, they said it could affect Lochlan's care as well. Better not! Because I have wonderful news to share!

Lochlan is set to be discharged on Monday!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOO-HOOOOOOOOOOOOO! This is the "Shout it, shout it, shout it out loud!" part!

I pray all goes well and we can keep this date! Thursday and Friday I will be nursing him all day (8-8 or 11-11) and then Saturday and Sunday we will be doing care by parent where it's like being at home but with the nurses and doctors right outside the door. So we'll be doing everything - nursing him, changing his diapers (which I've been doing when I'm here anyway) and doing all of his care.

If that goes well, fingers crossed and prayers said, he will be discharged Monday!!!!
They said they feel that he is ready to go home but would like him to stay in the hospital for a few more days and they don't like to discharge leading up to or over the weekend.

He will be going home on low flow oxygen and I had to fill out the paperwork for that today. So we'll learn how to do all that.

Amazing! Finally an end in sight! I don't want to get my hopes up too much but it's hard not to.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pray that everything goes smoothly and we can bring our miracle son home.

Latest pics:
Nana having a cuddle for the very first time.

Granny having a cuddle for the very first time.

and Aunt Chrissy!

Check out the peeker in the door window!

And one with Abby and mommy.


  1. ! ! ! ! ! !
    That's so wonderful. Gives me chills thinking about it. Good chills.
    Take food, liquids, and lots to do in care by parent.
    I was so bored - out of my mind bored - and the rule was I couldn't leave unless the nurse was there with them. I couldn't take them out of the room, and I couldn't have anyone other than Casey in the room. Oh, and I got in trouble for snoozing with one in my arms (she was breastfeeding and I got tired, no different than at home) Talk about giving a person post partum. 48 hours in a room with no fresh air, no company, very little to do. The only thing that helped me through that was that I was with my girls.
    You may have a bit of a different experience since he's in the Peds area, I hope you do. Cause everyone wanted to come and help me, stay with me to keep me company, but NOPE, no one but Casey or myself or medical staff. Ask now, so that you know ahead of time what the rules will be for you.

  2. I am so happy for all of you. That is amazing news, I am relieved to hear that you will be taking your miracle boy home. Your family is just beautiful Jenn, u must be so proud! You look so happy and I am so happy for you. I love the pics and especially love the pic of you and Abby. Lochlan looks so big now and looks just like his daady (which I guess is only fair since Abby looks just like her beautiful mommy!) You will be in my thoughts and prayers for Lochlan to have a safe and smooth trip home. Please continue to blog with Lochlan's progressn and all the cute little things Abby does. So happy that you will finally have your family all under one roof so that life can be normal again for you and you can dote on both your beautiful children at the same time. Take care sweetie.