Monday, August 23, 2010

Finally home!

Wow. Okay, lots to blog about. So sorry it's been over a week since my last post. (but I have been a little busy - and tired!)

I'll try to remember as much as I can and keep it in sequential order.

To start though, here are a few pics from a few weeks ago.

On Friday, August 13th, I ended up going to see the dermatologist who basically laughed at the situation and said no it's not bed bug bites. That it was ...what did she say...non specific. A bit waste of time but whatever, better to rule it out than go on getting freaked out I had bed bugs at home! Phew! What a relief!

So we geared up for the 2 day care by parent. Which went awesome! It wasn't that boring to be honest. I had the laptop, some movies, magazines, books, tv...but you know what -- the best thing of all was - I had my son!! We managed to get a little sleep and enjoyed knowing that we were going to be taking him home soon. Thanks Mom for bringing in a few meals. (and to Rosemary for cooking some up at home)

(I probably would have written so much more about it, but I would be here til next Tuesday typing)

Monday morning couldn't come soon enough. Medigas, the company who is supplying the oxygen came to show us how to hook him up, transfer cylinders, etc. We ended up waiting until 1pm for them to show. We thought it would be a 5min thing and they'd follow us home and get it all set up. Nope. An hour later --- we were good to go home! Thankfully, the nurses and doctors had given us everything we needed so we could go after Medigas taught us the ropes.
One last snuggle as we waited for Medigas to arrive.

And we were off!

He handled the car ride home pretty good. When we pulled into our driveway, I wish I'd had a video camera or at least thought to take a picture! (But I was really living in the moment) Abby was jumping up and down and clapping for joy. It was soooo cute. We were greeted to a wonderful welcome home complete with signs and balloons and streamers. (and yummy dinners as well thanks to Rosemary and Fiona - mmmm...thank you thank you thank you!) Thanks also to Lana for bringing by a super yummy meal last week. It's greatly appreciated.

It was soo nice to be home. I thought when I left the hospital I would be emotional but I wasn't really. Just elated to be leaving the place that we have been going to every day for the past 3 1/2 months. When we arrived home however I was overcome with emotion. I couldn't help the tears in my eyes. What a wonderful feeling finally being able to bring our son home.

And the feelings were mutal as you can see in the faces of those that met him for the very first time.

Abby was all over her baby brother as well. So quick to want to hold him and love up on him!

The week has gone by in a flash. I can't believe Lochlan has been home with us now for one week. He had his pediatrician's appointment on Wednesday and he weighs 5lbs, 1 1/2 ounces. And he is 18 inches long! I think his head circumference was 33 1/2 cm.
I was just so happy he'd gained some weight! Not a lot, but a little!

He also had his eyes checked by Dr. Arthur who said he's right eye is fine. But his left eye may need to have laser surgery again. Poor little monkey. He decided, well we all decided to give it until Monday to see if there was any changes. It's like walking a tight rope though. You don't want to leave it too long if it's not getting better because he could go blind in that eye.

Besides the usual sleep deprivation that comes with having a newborn in the house, things have gone really well. We've settled into a nice routine of meds - elemental iron, pediavit daily, plus his 3 puffers - salbutomol, atrovent, and flovent which he gets 2 puffs, 3 x a day (except for the flovent which is 3 puffs, 3 x a day) He also is still on lasix which we give him once every other day. And of course the oxygen. Which medigas is coming on Wednesday (this wed) to change his dosage if he's sat'ing well. The doctors have ordered him to be lowered!! Woo-hoo! Slowly but surely we'll get him off of this oxygen! He's getting 1/8 of a litre per minute. Which is almost nothing really! He's also needing to be supplemented with fortified breastmilk twice a day.

But I must say it's been a bit of a pain really. You really take for granted the fact that you can just pick up your baby and go. With Lochlan, we are stationed in the family room unless we hook him up to his portable oxygen tank. Which isn't a huge process, but it's not exactly a light load. It's more awkward than anything. So it's been a huge adjustment in that sense and I can't wait for the oxygen assistance to be done and over with.

But when I think about all that's he's been through these past 3 1/2 months (96days), it blows my mind. I can't thank you enough for all of your prayers and love and support. We are so appreciative.

Today, Monday. August 23rd Lochlan had another follow up eye appointment. Dr. Arthur checked him out again along with his coworker who afterwards discussed the fact that nothing had changed. (last week, he'd said if nothing had changed he'd have to have surgery) and he mentioned a few new hemmorages. Great. Instant tears. I do not want my baby to go through anything else. I know it's for the best if it gets done but NO MORE!!! Thankfully, Dr. Gayle came in and he checked him out (he's the one that did the last surgery) and said that he doesn't feel he needs to have surgery right now. He doesn't want to put Lochlan, or us, through that again. So we are going back again next Monday for another look. Please pray it regresses and is on the mend. If he needs surgery, so be it. But I really pray he doesn't. Dr. Gayle said that it was the scariest surgery he's been in. Oh great. That's comforting! But that's also because of the complications at the end of the last one right. The whole, tube slipping and then having to have chest compressions...yeah we'll stay away from that if we can please!!

So that's where things are now. Abby has been a wonderful big sister and helper. She loves him so much. It's been tough to get her to understand that she can't hold him all the time and the times that she wants mommy and mommy has to feed Lochlan or tend to his needs. But we're all getting there and adjusting together. We're trying the best that we can to involve her in his care and to also spend every chance possible with her. I love them both so much and am so happy to have them both finally together under one roof with Rob and I.


  1. OMG he is so adorable! I loved that "Stronger than you think" onesie! Awesome! I am so happy for you guys. He is doing so well!

  2. Thanks Chantal. I bought that onesie thinking it was perfect for him! It was the very first outfit I bought for him.

  3. Congrats on going home! Lochlan sleeps like Timmy with his little hands up in the air. So funny! Must be a preemie thing.

    Wish we could put on the weight. Still attempting to give Timmy the two fortified bottles every day but he isn't the greatest at taking them. Not sure that's the entire reason, but weight gain is slow going around here.

    Love the pictures with Abby. He looks like one of her baby dolls. So cute!