Friday, February 25, 2011

Long overdue pics and an update!

The issue I have with blogger is that you have to import all your pics from the last to the first so these pics are all out of order. Most people it wouldn't bug, but for me, it drives me a bit crazy to think that they aren't in order of when they were taken. Call me silly, but it still gets to me a bit!

So I took the time to upload all the pics and I will just blog in between. The other "issue" is that you can't tell which pic is what when you are typing so you have to go back and forth to try to match up comments with pics. really doesn't matter.

Lochlan saw Dr. Arthur this past Tuesday. He was impressed with our guy. He said his eyes were hugely improved!!! woo-hoo!!! So happy. He didn't really say how good they are but improved is good enough for me. I was trying to sneak a peek at his notes but I couldn't really understand "doctor scribble." I'm pretty sure that if there was any issues to be immediately concerned about that he would have said. Loch will go back two days before his birthday to get a closer look at his eyes. He won't need to have the clamp put over his eye but if he doesn't get a good look, than Lochlan will have to go under. Praying that isn't necessary.

Julie, from the infant development clinic came on Thursday. She thinks Lochlan is doing fabulous. (I agree) She will be following up once every few months to make sure things are on target. But she was impressed with our lil miracle.

New sounds have begun to emerge. It's so neat to hear all the little noises he makes. Although I do feel that he is behind in that regard. I know he'll get there but it is definitely one thing we are monitoring. He doesn't babble nearly as much as Abby did at his corrected age. But Abby has always been way ahead of the curve.

He has also been getting stronger physically. Able to lean forward and balance a bit on his hands while sitting up. (with mommy's support of course) It's just a matter of a few weeks I think before he's able to sit up on his own.

On Family Day (Feb 21st) we took Abby skating for the first time. What a hoot! So cute! I wish I could figure out how to post video because it's really something special to see.

And last but not least I must leave you with another Abbyism. Although it came from mommy first! Sometimes when I feel slightly overwhelmed with everyone needing me at once, I'll say, "Just hold the phone!" I don't know why, I just do. I'm sure I heard it somewhere before. But anyway, the cutest moment came the other day when Abby, Lochlan, and I were at my best friends and Lochlan and I left to go to the store to pick up a prescription and Abby stayed behind to play. Well when I got back, she raced down the stairs and said, "Mommy, JUST HOLD THE PHONE! Give me two more minutes. I'm just watching a show!" Or something like that. So funny and totally random.

Love that girl!


  1. omg so wonderful to see, you guys all look so wonderfully great, so nice to see you be able to enjoy more with less worry, I'm thinking, so great, thanks for sharing and a word of advise now that Lochlan is doing great, don't forget your marriage relationship, too many do everything for the kids, not enough with each other, then one day they don't have each other because of the neglect and this is soo bad for the kids, never feel quilty to show your kids your marriage is a priority, in the long run it only makes them happier, one big happy family, all the best to yours, Love Deb xoxoxo

  2. Glad to see another post on one of my all-time favorite blogs! Great to hear that Lochlan's eyes are doing well. Sitting up - Timmy was holding his own in the tub yesterday - maybe he and Loch will start sitting up at the same time. (Timmy still has't rolled from back to front yet, but I think he could, he just hasn't sensed the need.)

    LOVE all the pictures and Abbyisms! Kids say the best stuff! I think I'm going to steal "Just hold the phone!" I have so many of those moments of too many people needing too many things at the same time.

    As for video, I have given up on Blogger video. It takes soooo long and then half the time mine just never finished uploading so I just use YouTube and set everything to the private/public setting where no one can google the video but anyone with the link can view it. You can upload multiple videos at a time so I usually set it to upload all my videos overnight and then I have all of them for embedding on the blog the next night.

    Just a thought.

    Thanks for the above comment, Deb. My husband and I get out alone so infrequently. Definitely needs to become a priority here as well!

  3. Thanks Debbie. Great words of wisdom. We definitely need to plan a date night very soon. So good to hear from you too. Appreciate your love and support.

    Wendy - thanks for making me smile. " of my all-time favorite blogs!" So sweet.

    The "Just hold the phone" has become a little too common now with Abby. I feel just a little bit weird saying it now! But it's definitely needed some days!

    Thanks for the tip about the video. I will definitely do that one day.

    Take care,