Monday, May 23, 2011

And he's off!

Well, my 12 pound, 15 ounce miracle one year old is on the move! He started tummy crawling on May 9th and has been getting better at it every day! He can really travel! When he sees something he wants, he definitely goes and gets it! (or tries to since some things he just can't have!) Sooo time to put up the baby gates! We just haven't had a chance to yet so we have to have the "eagle eye!" He really likes the heat/ac vents. Oh yay!

He also got his first tooth just after his birthday! His bottom middle right one. And just this past week he got his second tooth(May 13th)....and third tooth - (May22) Both of his eye teeth. Poor thing has been teething hard. It's like all of his teeth have decided to come in at the same time. As a result, he had a fever the past few days and also was quite fussy to put to bed over the past week. Poor lil monkey!

His new favourite thing to do now is clapping! He started that on May 9th. And sometimes when I change his diaper in the morning, he will clap after I'm done! It's hilarious!

He's learning to wave and is even starting to try to pull himself up! He can get to his knees and if I support him, he'll stand up! Oh oh!!! Just kidding! It's amazing!

It's really been a busy couple of weeks! One milestone after the other! He can now sit up on his own too! He did that I believe just this past Friday. (May 20th) He'll be on his tummy pull his leg up under him and them scootches himself up! He's quite good at it now! Atta boy!

This past weekend (the long weekend here in Canada) we went camping with my parents. My sister and her husband and my nephews were there too. But we were sooooo far from their campsite! I swear I probably lost about 10 pounds just from walking back and forth to the playground and beach and their campsite! I took the wagon and I think it has to be the loudest wagon in the world! Good thing it was after 10am when we went for our first jaunt! Otherwise I think there would have been a lot of angry campers!!! I also took the Baby Bjorn. Good thing because Lochlan wasn't a fan this time of the wagon. I think he found it too loud this time too and probably a bit too bumpy! But I definitely felt all of his almost 13 pounds!!! I didn't take the stroller and that was a bad move on my part! Next time for sure!

We had a great time. We went up Friday afternoon and came back Sunday. Apart from the difficulty in getting him to sleep at bedtime, he was amazing! Abby had a blast too!! It's not that hard to camp when you're sleeping/eating in a motorhome! The first night, I put Abby down in mom and dad's bed and after I sang a few songs, I ended up falling asleep! Whoops! It was I think 8:30!!! Sorry mom and dad! (I was going to transfer Abby to the pullout couch and share that bed for the night) Mom and Dad were understanding and thoughtful and let us sleep. It actually ended up working out because we slept their on Saturday night too. Lochlan slept in the playpen in between the bathroom area (not the toilet) and the other two rooms. It was perfect because we could shut the doors and it was quiet for them.

Saturday night mom stayed back with the kids and dad and I went over the Chrissy's campsite and had a campfire. I laughed so hard at one point that no sound came out! Their friends Craig and Sheila and Dude (Paul) were camping too and they are hilarious! Good times! Abby ended up with a mysterious fever too Sunday night and now has a cough. Yay. Praying it doesn't get passed on to Lochlan. (or me either!!!) That's the tough part - keeping a sister away from her brother when all she wants to do is love him and play with him.

The weekend couldn't have been better. We can't wait to go camping again with Nana and Poppa! And the weather was gorgeous! It wasn't even that hot but it felt very humid. We were wearing shorts and t-shirts and broke out the sunscreen and hats. It was A-W-E-S-O-M-E!

Abby got her first bike a week ago! From our neighbours actually. So kind, our neighbours! I love our cul-de-sac. Their daughter is turning 6 so they bought her a new bike (without the training wheels) and she wanted to give her old one to Abby! So nice!
Abby is doing soooo well with it! So much better than her little rinky dink tricycle that we had for her. It did well for when she was younger and learning but she's outgrown it and it now sits and waits for Lochlan to get big enough to ride it!

Both kids have been sleeping better these days. Loch manages to have about 2x one hour and a half naps during the day. And last night he went to bed and didn't wake up until 6:30 this morning! He slept all night!!! Woo-hoo! Hoping that is a trend that is going to continue. (he has been getting up at least once in the night) I think a lot of it, especially these past few weeks had to do with his teeth.

Anyway, it had been a while since I blogged so I had a chance and took it!!!
So much good news to share!!!! Oh and one more thing...this afternoon he just started to scoot around on his bum!! ha ha...I guess the hardwood floors aren't feeling so good on his knees! Smart boy!

Until next time,

p.s. One more pic. This one makes me laugh!

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