Monday, November 14, 2011

Nod your head!

Lochlan's latest achievement is nodding his head "yes." He has nodded in the past, but this week it's all about nodding yes to questions such as do you want your milk/bottle or my fav - do you want to go for a nap?

He nods his head, I put him down and he's out for at least 2 hours! YES!!!! Nod that head boy! lol

Julie, from infant development came by for a visit on Wednesday. Lochlan has been discharged from the program!!! She left me some sheets to check off for when he gets to 18 months corrected and if there are any concerns to contact her and she'll reopen the file.

He will still go to the special infant clinic for his development in February. This was just an extra program that was offered because he was so early. It was more an at risk program. She said that it is just a matter of time before he starts doing some things. He is showing lots of signs already. He's standing up. He's going up on one knee. He even took one small step last week before falling! So exciting!

Yesterday (Sunday) he started saying "momma."  He had said it a few times in the past but it was more of a random thing. But now it's specific to me! LOVE it!

He nodded his head "no" today too. Usually it's no they master first, but his has been "yes." And I swear he said "cracker" tonight as well as, oh silly me, I forget. But I think it was the letter "k" he repeated back to me while he was in the bathtub.

He totally gets what you say to him. He babbles right along. Or if you say something like "let's go have a bath" he'll go to the bathroom.So incredible.

His hair is growing in quite rapidly too. Soooo time for a haircut. But it's mostly just at the back. You could say he has a mullet! Oh dear! Definitely time for a haircut! Seriously, you can put it in a wee little pony!

Not cool.

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  1. Sooo cute! I LOVE the picture! Timmy took his own first solo step today. Twice! Completely melted my heart!

    Amazing to see how far these boys have come! Lochlan definitely has Timmy in the hair department. And speech, but you know that story.

    Are you guys seriously set up for Christmas already?! Guess you've already had your Thanksgiving, so why wait? Why wait indeed...hmmm...