Thursday, December 22, 2011


Whoah. Have it really been almost a month since my last post?! Whoops!

Lochlan is doing amazing! He's taking more steps these days. Getting much braver and a bit of a dare devil as well. He loves to climb things. Leave a stool or even a big box of pop on the floor, and he'll climb it to reach the counter or whatever. He even once climbed the kitchen chair and climbed onto the kitchen table. thanks buddy!

Abby and I enjoyed baking some shortbread cookies together. She had a lot of fun decorating them too!

Lochlan had his first haircut on Tuesday. (Dec 20th) I was tired of looking at his shaggy mullet. Poor thing. I know Rob wasn't a big fan either. So I said, okay, I'm doing it! Dad held him, mom and Abby supervised while I took the scissors and trimmed his hair. Looks SOOO much better! And he was a great sport! Mom took the picture with her camera so I'll have to get a copy of it.

He is also saying some new words. "Baby" being one of them. He'll see a picture of a baby in a book, and point to it and say "baby."  Other words: cracker, bye, hello, truck, Ab

So cute that he calls Abby, Ab!!

He's also getting pretty much every tooth that he still needs all at once. That boy has a mouth full of teeth!!! But he's been handling it like a champ!

Lochlan enjoying a fajita! Such a good lil eater these days!

We're so excited for Christmas. We've managed to get all of our shopping done ahead of time so we don't have to be out fighting the crowds and also have all of the food bought so now it's just a matter of prepping it and tidying up. I feel way less stressed this Christmas. That was my plan. To get everything done ahead of time. I knew that I would be working a lot and I'm even working Christmas Eve 9:30-6 so I have no time to do anything really that day. I just have to wrap a few presents and we're all good to go! Whew!

I took Lochlan and Abby to playgroup Thursday morning. They really enjoy themselves. Lochlan did his first painting! He loved it! It was quite funny - Abby did her painting, Lochlan watched her, then climbed up onto the chair as if to say, hello, it's my turn!! So Tamara helped him with his first painting and I took a few pictures! Granny came to take my place while I went to work.

 Merry Christmas everyone! More pictures and video to come!

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