Monday, September 17, 2012

The big update

It's been so long since I wrote an update and there is much to say. Lochlan is doing absolutely wonderful. Gosh I LOVE that kid! He makes me smile so many times throughout the day.

I will start with what is most current:

Lochlan has been showing a little bit of interest in potty training lately. Prior to bathtime tonight, Abby went, and then Lochlan said "me pee too." I told him that I didn't have the potty seat (he'd already been on the potty 2 times today with no results and to be honest, I just wanted to get the bath going and get them to bed!) Well now, Loch had different plans. He said "ok." And went downstairs, into the bathroom, opened the cupboard, brought the potty seat back upstairs (we have like 14 stairs) put it on the toilet, pulled his pants down and I helped him up onto the seat. Next thing you know, I heard a tinkle! What? I was so excited I thought maybe I was imagining it but no, Lochlan grinned and peed some more and we celebrated!!!!! High fives all around!!!! So we'll see. It's definitely been him getting things going. I haven't pushed for it. It wasn't really on my radar. At least not right now. Maybe early next year...but I wasn't really thinking about it.  I do think I'll get a small potty seat that sits on the floor though. Lochlan's legs don't touch the stool and he needs that to well, you know. I have to stack about 5 or 6 books under his feet. So it would be better for him to get a special seat until he grows a bit bigger. Although he does have a mind of his own these days and may decide he wants the big boy seat!!

He's been giving us some grief lately over clothing choices. Quite frankly, it's driving me nuts!!! Every morning it's a challenge to get him dressed. He always wants to wear shorts and it's been getting cooler out weatherwise. And then when we finally do get him to put something on, he wants to change it to something else. But if we change it, he wants what he had on. And it's just not a fun game at all.
This is actually a shirt he put on himself as shorts.

It's the same with jammies. I know it's his way of asserting himself and making his own decisions but gah, I'm so over it!

I agreed to have Lochlan be part of a special study called the Bayley Assesment - it's a database basically of knowledge on development for micro preemies. It will let other families know of the percentage of children that are born prematurely where they can expect them to be at 18 months to 2 1/2 years old. Lochlan blew the study out of the water. He is above average in a lot of areas. (especially in the talking!)  It took a while to get started (I remember that being a big concern of ours early on) but since he started, he's just really taken off. Most of what he speaks is 3 and 4 words at a time. So complete sentences but perhaps missing the "I".  I should really take more video. I feel like both Abby and Lochlan are growing up so super fast.

Speaking of Abby, she started kindergarten this month. Eek! She is loving it. She only goes 2-3 days a week. But she would love to go every day! She wakes up and asks me if she has school today. And then kinda drops her head when I tell her no. So cute.  And she has homework (3 books to read) and she's super proud to do it.

We met with the ear doctor and he has a little bit of fluid still in his one ear. Loch ended up going for an x-ray to check his adenoids. I had mentioned that he sometimes snores or breathes heavy when he sleeps. Turns out he does have enlarged adenoids and they may need to be removed. (we will find out in November) Also found out at that appointment that he is tongue tied. We had no idea. And considering he speaks so well, it hasn't slowed him down one bit. But yes, if you ask him to stick his tongue out, he can't really do it. If he does go for the adenoid surgery, while he's there, they would snip under his tongue or do whatever it is they do to fix it. If not, it's not a big deal and we'll just see if it ends up affecting his speech.

He now weighs 24.5 pounds, is 33.5 inches tall, has a 48 cm head circumference, and is a dancing machine!!!  We watched the Justin Bieber movie recently, and Abby and Lochlan were just givin' er! Loved it!

Over the summer we enjoyed going to the zoo, swimming in our pool, watching Abby play soccer, (already Lochlan is showing interest in playing too and is really good at keeping up with and kicking the soccer ball) and just enjoying eachother's company.

Best friends at the zoo

And actually while school is getting ready to pick up in terms of supplying, I have really enjoyed spending more one on one time with Lochlan while Abby is at school. He's such a fun, sweet, happy lil boy.

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  1. Wyatt turned one month old today so I got on to update and had to take a quick break to check out your post! Such fun to see you on again!

    And how funny that our boys are still doing the same things! Timmy has been fighting diaper changes lately. He has loved sitting on the potty for a while (I let him when we're in there anyway) but nothing yet on our end. Think I might pick up some underwear tomorrow and give it a whirl in a couple of weeks when Trevy has fall break.

    So cute to see Abby in kindergarten too. Seriously, why can't we live closer???