Sunday, May 5, 2013

Three years ago

It was this exact moment (9:58pm) three years ago today that I got up my pprom pregnant body from watching American Idol to go to the washroom - only to discover the umbilical cord had prolapsed.

Our already scared, freaking out minds kicked into over-over drive and off we raced to the hospital. I remember that we were already in the car about to pull out of the parking spot when my best friend came to watch Abby. I remember saying and thinking, "I cannot sit down and cut off the blood and oxygen." Then I half hipped it on the what seemed like a long drive to the hospital. (We only lived about 10-15 minutes away)

We got there and it was all sort of a blur. Lots of people coming and going.
Then being whisked to the ER for an emergency c-section.

I don't remember much else. It's all very foggy. I remember being in and out of consciousness in the recovery room. But I didn't really grasp what was happening. I just remember praying.

...I didn't intend to write a post reliving moments from that day but I just started writing.

Lochlan had an amazing birthday today. I'm so very tired right now and will write about it and post pictures soon.

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