Thursday, September 23, 2010


Lochlan's follow-up for his eyes on Monday went well. Both Dr. Gayle and Dr. Arthur were VERY pleased with his eyes. The surgery was a success! We have to go back this coming Monday to make sure the rest of it has healed. [insert sigh of relief here] We did end up waiting a very long time before he was seen however. Which was a bit frustrating, but surprisingly enough, I had a lot of patience that day! It took over an hour before we were even seen to have his eye drops put in, then still had to wait an additional hour for them to dilate his eyes and for the doctors to be ready for us. Needless to say it was a long wait, but so worth the wait for such good news! Medigas came yesterday. (Wednesday) Lochlan remains at 1/16th of oxygen per litre. He was sat'ing on average 93%. If he gets to 97%+ then he will be tried with either a lower setting (only 2 more to go!) or off to see how he does. Melissa is coming again in a month! I know! One more month! But...if Dr. Flavin says to come back in 2 weeks she will to see how's he's progressing. I REALLY hope she comes back in 2 weeks and he's ready for a trial off of the oxgyen. That would be so fantastic! Don't want to get my hopes up....but you never know with this little miracle! Speaking of off of oxgyen...whoopsie...mommy was over tired on Monday night and I went to take him upstairs and realized the regulator was still on the one tank and wanted it to be on a bigger one that's in his room...well I transferred his tubing to the smaller tank, realized I wanted to do something different, and then transferred him back to the main tank in the living room. (all of which took about 30 seconds) Well....I forgot to put the oxygen back on! Seriously, Jenn? I had no idea until about oh...a half an hour...45 minutes later. Lochlan was alert and looking at me and smiling (which he's starting doing the past week or so) and was showing no signs that anything was different. Then I thought, oh I'll transfer him now...(after I'd did what I needed to do-- I had been side tracked too with a phone call) and then I realized my error. Are you kidding me? I was shocked and annoyed with myself! How could I have done that? Thankfully Loch was okay. Didn't change colour, didn't breathe or act any different. Today was his paedatrician's appointment. He now weighs...ready for it? 7lbs and 4 oz!!!!And is 50.5 cm long (almost 20 inches...i think it's like 19 3/4 inches) His head circumference is 36.5cm. He's growing! He's growing! But....he's still on the low end of the growth chart for very low birth weight children. (5th percentile for weight ..a little higher for height) AND...another happy note...his head ultrasound from last Friday is NORMAL!!!! No brain bleeds...everything looks great! I AM SOOOO HAPPY!!!! I immediately said.."praise the Lord!" So they've increased his iron but other than that we go back in a month! I can't thank you enough for your thoughts and prayers. He truly is a miracle. Sorry the video is so dark.


  1. oh Jen, he is sooooo cute! I love that video. I totally say the date any time I am making a video, just like you did! Hugs to you guys!

  2. It's funny cause I actually took that video yesterday (it was the 22nd - whoops!)

  3. Awww! 20 weeks old already!?! Time really does fly by quickly... your little trooper is very lucky to have such a great mommy & daddy to take him to all of his important appointments & checkups to make sure he gets strong just like them (inside & out!) Sending my love ~ Kerry

  4. Congratulations! Rock on little Lochlan!

    I cannot believe he has passed Timmy in weight! That is stellar! The nurses keep telling me that it's a better sign if babies gain closer to an ounce a day rather than an ounce per week. This past week Timmy gained 2.5 so hoping we're right on Lochlan's tail!

    Honestly, I think it was probably a good test for Lochlan to be off the oxygen for a little while. Probably just gave his lungs a little extra work-out but I doubt you hurt him in any way.

    You are a great mom! Keep up the good work and the posting!

    Hugs from Timmy and me!

  5. PS - Meant to add that Timmy is also just shy of 20 inches. Fun to have them be the same size so I can really envision Lochlan's size with your pictures. What a cutie!