Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Packing it on!

Lochlan is doing amazing. Last week Medigas came for a home visit with the hopeful intention of weaning his oxygen requirements as per Dr. Flavin. Unfortunately, he wasn't ready. He's still sat'ing well but he dropped to the mid 80s at one point when he was on 1/16 so she put him back to 1/8th. I was a little disappointed but understand that he wasn't quite ready. I think what made it difficult was that I really thought he'd be weaned. Oh well. He'll get there!

Overall the week went by great. Hard to believe he's been home now for over 2 weeks!
He had his 2nd pediatrician appointment with Dr. Moore who is wonderful by the way, and he now weighs 5lbs, 13 3/4 ounces!!!! He gained pretty much an ounce a day since his last weigh in which was 2 weeks ago. Because he's been gaining so well, we no longer have to give him 2 bottles of fortified breastmilk. He goes again in 3 weeks for his next checkup so hopefully he'll have gained some more weight without having to go back on the fortified milk.

He's 18 inches long. (Grown 5 inches since birth!!!) And I'm finding the preemie clothes are not quite fitting as well anymore. He can't wear the sleepers because they are too short for him! The onesies still work though. I knew he was gaining weight over the last few weeks as his clothes were fitting better and he looks a little I ever thought I'd be saying that!! ha ha! Chunkier!!

Anyway, I need to cut this short as Lochlan is waking up to be fed. When he's hungry, he's hungry!!

Til next time,


  1. Now that he's grown a little, you can really see how much he resembles Abby. So glad you are having a good time now that he is home. And Dr Moore is very very good.

  2. Wow Jen what a long way Lochlan has come and what a blessing he is and a true gift from God. I know I have said this before but I am truly happy for you and your family and your miracle baby. Lochlan has gotten so big since he has gone home, obviously he is more content now that he is with his family full time. Thank you for taking the time out of your hectic days and nights to keep us posted on Lochlan's progress. Prayers and love are still with you and hopefully someday soon I can meet Lochlan. Take care for now and I will be looking forward to your next blog as I check almost everyday for updates. Oh amd by the way I think Lochlan is looking more and more like his daddy. (Sorry Jen), but since Abby is your mini you, I guess its only fair that Lochlan will look like his daddy! Bye for now.