Thursday, October 21, 2010


Lochlan's cold seems to be almost gone. Thankfully, he managed to avoid a really bad one. I pray he never gets a bad one....I know it's inevitable, but when he's this young it can be quite dangerous due to his premature lungs. Please don't be too disappointed if we are unable to do anything with you because you have a cold, sniffle, sore throat, or any other sign you are unwell. It just too risky. I understand kids need to build immunities but with preemie babies, it is different.

Loch will be getting his flu shot in the coming few weeks. They are given based on his birth age (so 6 months which for him is just 2 weeks away - crazy!)He will also be getting his RSV shot that has to be given once a month over the cold/flu season.
(a further explanation taken from the web: While RSV, or the respiratory syncytial virus, may just cause a cold in older children, it can cause a serious and life threatening infection in younger high risk children. These children, including premature babies, can develop bronchiolitis, which is associated with inflammation in the lungs, wheezing and difficulty breathing. RSV can also cause croup, ear infections, and pneumonia.)

We are still waiting for Medigas to hear back from Dr. Flavin about Lochlan's oxygen and what the plan is. I have my suspicions that he will need to be tested one more time before coming off of it and I'm praying it's early next week.

He had his latest pediatrician's appointment this past Monday. He now weighs 7lbs, 13oz and is still just under 21 inches long with his head measuring 38cm. He needs to go back in 2 weeks for a weight check because he is not gaining enough weight. He's below the 5th percentile now for weight and between 5-25% for height. If he hasn't gained enough in 2 weeks than we will have to go back to supplementing him. So the plan is if he needs to get a bottle or whatever during the day, then we will add in some formula to up his calories. He's still too young for cereal but the plan is that when he turns 4 months corrected to start him on rice cereal for the extra calories. (she actually asked me if he was showing signs of interest or if he'd lost his tongue thrust instinct) Not yet, no! He's almost 6 months old, but is just the size of Abby when she was born!!! (she was 7lbs, 12 oz and 21 inches long) Crazy!

Gotta go, Lochlan's crying and ready to be fed again!

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  1. The girls got lots of formula. They ended up looking like tiny gorilla babies all round and fuzzy. They were not nearly so prem, but the formula helps a lot. And we started them on rice cereal as soon as they were four months, despite the new guidelines for no solids until 6 months.