Friday, April 22, 2011

April moments & videos

A very happy first birthday wish to Timmy! Timmy's birthday was on Thursday. Lochlan and Mister Timmy are 2 weeks apart and share similar, yet different experiences with being born so very premature. God Bless our lil miracles Wendy!

I also want to send a prayer out to Jenn and her family who are missing their sweet angel who was born one year ago. Thinking of you and praying for peace.


Happy Easter everyone!

It has been a pretty busy April. Lochlan has been practicing his skills and is able to travel pretty good by pivoting and rolling. He is also now able to sit up on his own. Well let me rephrase that - he's able to sit if you put him in the seated position without being wobbly and falling over. Sometimes he'll fall, but it's rare these days. But we still put cushions around him just in case. But lately we've have to adjust them as he now likes to turn himself and then he's not protected much anymore. He can also go from a sitting position to on his tummy now. He's figured that out so now we just have to work on getting him to go from laying down to sitting up!
Here he is playing with the fridge magnet toys! The first time I put him down in front of the fridge he had the biggest smile!! Loves it!

He's also been practicing his crawling skills! Getting much closer to one day motoring like crazy! Perhaps he'll reach this milestone before his first birthday! We'll see! Hopefully not too soon as we need to get the baby gates set up! And they will be a bit tricky in our house since there are a few awkward spaces. Rob says he's on it!

Lately our morning routine consists of Abby reading Lochlan a story before his nap and then saying a prayer. So very cute! Here is one of those super sweet moments.

And I managed to capture one of the prayers halfway through. And for whatever reason that day she decided she'd bless Cole, Uncle Shane, and Auntie Noni!

Lochlan has been sleeping so much better these days too! (THANK YOU!!!) He's been averaging at least 8 hours straight...somethings getting up just once in the night. Most of the time it's not until after 4am...the odd time before then. I'm much happier these days. But I still need to get myself to bed earlier to enjoy it!!

He's finally over his colds. Whew! That wasn't much fun. He had back to back colds and it really sucked. I gave him a puff of ventolin before bed while he had it just to be sure and I had to suction his nose out constantly! So I'm happy to report we have moved past that!

It's been a good month overall and I'm looking forward to celebrating his very first birthday in less than 2 weeks. I plan to take him back to the NICU for a visit and am really hoping that our favourite nurses and doctors are there to see how great he is doing. We haven't been there for quite a few months. I think September or October actually. So it will be nice to see everyone.

Lochlan has an eye appointment coming up on May 3rd. Praying they don't have to knock him out to check out his eyes. Other than that there really aren't any appointments coming up in the near future. Well - except for his next checkup with Dr. Moore mid May. He'll be getting his first year shots! Ouch!

Loch still isn't a big fan of textured foods so it's been tough moving forward with the introduction of new foods. But he is eating fruits and veggies and beans and yogurt, and he's tried cottage cheese, and egg yolk but those last two he's just not ready for yet. Too thick! So we'll see. Time is what he needs. And he's pretty picky with the temperature too. Not too hot and not too cold! Even the yogurt needs to be warmed up! My lil diva!

Anyway, I must be off to finish cleaning up and to get ready to go to a family dinner.
Happy Easter everyone!


P.S. I'll try to post some latest pics soon too!

Oh and check out the sight that was in our backyard this past week!

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