Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hi- Five! 11 months old!

This video was taken Friday. April 1st! (No fooling!!)

Lochlan had a great week last week other than the fact he's been fighting a cold. Poor monkey. He's been pretty stuffed up. I've had to suction his nose out quite a bit. At first he fights it but after it's been cleared, he's like..."oh okay...that's much better, thanks!" and is all smiles and happy faces.

We saw Dr. Moore on Thursday. Loch decided that he would nurse a few times overnight and and first thing in the morning and then he wasn't interested for 7 hours!!!! So he was weighed on an empty tummy and was 11 pounds, 12 1/2 ounces. At least he gained 2 ounces in a week and didn't lose any!!! He seems to be back to wanting to eat again so that's good. Also means he must be on the mend! Although as I update this blog since I started a few days ago, he decided to have a nursing strike again for a about 5 hours again today. (Monday) Sheesh! Don't stress me out like that kid!!!

Dr. Moore said to increase his lactulose to help him poop. She said if it takes 40mls a day, then it takes 40mls! Right now I'm giving him 10-20mls and it's not really helping all that much. She said that once we stop fortifying everything and feeding him so much cereal that he shouldn't require any lactulose. Here's hoping!

**side note** I'm giving him 10mls in the morning, and 10mls in the evening both times mixed with his cereal and that seems to be doing the trick. I still need to put him on the potty to have a really great one which in itself is rather comical. He's hilarious to see sitting on the potty seat. He looks around and smiles and coos before he gets down to business. Funny seeing an 11 month old on the potty! I wouldn't do it if it was necessary. But hey --- maybe he'll be easier to potty train!! I wouldn't mind not having to go through what we are with Abby. (she pees on the potty but asks for a diaper/pullup to go #2 where she then crosses her legs. So not fun! We've tried many tactics to get her to uncross her legs or to sit on the potty and it's a very rare occasion when she'll actually try) I figure every day is one step closer to it actually happening for her. And I'm trying super hard not to stress about it. I just hate seeing her put herself through that. But she's had constipation issues and figured out it was easier in her mind to withhold. Anyway, enough about poop!!!

Back to Lochlan...

We can start giving him dairy - full fat yogurt (and Dr. Moore even recommended mini-go!!) and cottage cheese.

And I don't have to wait the 3 days to introduce a new food. She said he's pretty adjusted to solids so to "go nuts!"

This morning I gave him blueberries. It was a great success! Almost looks like he's wearing lipstick!

Then he had avocado mixed with sweet potatoes and this was the result! Believe it or not, he actually ate most of it even though it may not seem that way!

Dr. Moore said that he should be able to go for at least 6 hours overnight without nursing so to not feed him if he does wake up -- well try to get him back to sleep without resorting to nursing. Crossing my fingers this works! The past month or so he's been up about 3 times on average overnight to nurse. Yay me! She also said that he needs to not nurse so that he's tummy gets a break from digesting.

Suits me fine! I'm really looking forward to getting a full 6 hours of sleep at one point! Who am I kidding. I'm aiming for 8 hours!! Thursday night, he actually did sleep fully from 12:30-6:30...of course that was the night that Abby was up twice between those hours. Thanks Ab! Thankfully that's not a usual habit.

We can also leave him on his tummy if he happens to flip himself over in the night. She said that could help him sleep longer too! I was worried and would always flip him back over onto his back. Glad I asked.

Since I ran out of breastmilk that was stored up from when he was in the hospital, I had been making his cereal with formula. Dr. Moore actually adjusted the ratio so he's getting more calories. No wonder the kid is having poop issues! She did say (I know I'm back on that topic!) that once we stop having to fortify everything and push extra calories that everything should sort itself out!

Oh, I forgot to mention that when Loch was measured for length I was like, oh he lost 3/4 of an inch!! He was 24.5 inches long. Just goes to show you how inaccurate it really is. It's hard to get their heads to stay against the board and then keep their leg straight...yeah so that's too bad.

He's growing that's the important thing!

We will be heading back to get his final RSV shot this Wednesday. Perhaps he'll hit the 12 pound mark!!! And he will be back next month to get his 1 year shots!!! Whoah! So strange to think that he's going to be a year old in a month.

Anyway, must get to bed. Cheerio,

A few pics to enjoy!

He's trying to desperately to crawl! Darn face keeps getting in the way!

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