Tuesday, September 20, 2011

100th post!

Thank you for following along on our journey. This marks my 100th blog post. Not bad for starting it not quite a year and a half ago. Although I really do blog in my mind on a daily basis.

Life has been pretty busy lately. Although who I am kidding - it's always been busy. Isn't that just the way it goes.  It's a different kind of busy these days. Juggling family life, supply teaching, and my new job. I love being at home with Abby and Lochlan but it's been nice to get out there. I feel like I'm sort of finding myself again. Not that I ever lost myself but you get in a zone and it's nice to realize that I'm more than just mom.  And believe me I love being a mom.

Thanks to both my parents and Rob's parents for looking after Abby and Lochlan while we are working. We are very fortunate and very, VERY thankful.

Lochlan has been growing, growing, growing, and then growing some more! I swear he's had such a big growth spurt that he skipped a size! I dug out some clothes over the weekend that have been sitting in his closet for a very very long time. (12 months and even some 12-18 months) Well, some of the 12-18 month onesies are not fitting! They are too short in the torso!!!! What???? Come again?  I just bought 9 months jammies and even they are getting close to not fitting. Crazy. So he's busy catching up with growing which I'm totally okay with! But wowzers!!!!

He's been cruising along the furniture quite a bit. In fact, he pretty much doesn't stop! He's learning to crawl down the stairs - let me rephrase that, he's learning to slide down on his belly down the stairs. Which is a bit comforting to know we are slowly on our way to not having to be too on edge when he gets too close to the stairs. He definitely keeps us on our toes though.

Lochlan's also showing off more of his personality. He's starting to flirt and do the squinty eye thing and smile. (where he scrunches up his face and laughs) He loves to laugh.  And he loves to climb!

In fact the other day, he climbed of of his highchair. Yes, good times! Thankfully, he was okay. But his straps were definitely tightened and I refuse to leave him for one minute. (Abby had needed some help in the bathroom)

Speaking of Abby, she is a wonderful three year old. In all the ways that means. She has definitely been challenging and competing for her independence at times. She can go from a full out temper tantrum, to the most loving, hilarious, intelligent, hug-able little girl. She is amazing -tantrums and all. The best part is, she has the ability to recognize her wrongs sometimes and apologize for them. Sometimes without prompting even.  We are blessed.

She actually took a big bite (or three) out of this watermelon!
Cute? I believe so.
This is actually a pillowcase - part of her new sheet set.
And the best blessing of all is how much Abby and Lochlan love each other. So cute. Abby was away for the weekend and she told my mom "Nana, I want to see my buddy, Lochlan."  And when I mentioned to Lochlan, "Ready to go get Abby?" He got so excited and with a big smile and kicking of the feet in his car seat said "yeah!"

Out for our morning stroll.
Abby's newest thing is putting on Lochlan's clothes! And they fit! (Minus the length!)

Abby loves to make silly faces at Lochlan and he loves it too!

I really believe that they will have a very close relationship over the years. (sending a prayer they do too!)


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