Saturday, October 15, 2011

Copycat, Hopscotch & Thanksgiving

Lochlan continues to be a champion! He is so incredible. Sometimes I just look at him and smile. Quite a normal thing to do when you look at your children. But with him, I find it sums up so many emotions and blessings in that smile. I am in awe of him. He has quite the personality. He is mister copycat these days. You say "caw" or "quack" or whatever, and he does it right back! It's hilarious! And the best thing is, he finds it hilarious too! He's like, oh yeah, look at me!!!

He will point to some of his body parts now too when you ask him. Such as his nose, ears, mouth, head. He's also doing the finger over the lips sound. So funny!

And he's quite chatty. I'm sure he's trying to carry on a conversation. Oh, soooo cute: Lochlan said "Poppa" last Thursday. (Oct 6th)

And God bless him, he's finally sleeping consistently through the night! I tell ya, we are blessed! I feel like my days are less tiring and I am more focused and patient! So for all the moms and dads out there that are in sleep deprivation mode - I feel you!!! Hang in! It gets easier.

Abby still occasionally wakes up at some point in the night and comes crawling into our bed. Most nights that happens, we move her right back after a few minutes of snuggle time. But lately, it's been early morning like 5am, so we're okay with her staying snuggled up in our bed for the last hour. This morning I slid out of bed to get ready for work and Abby and Rob were still sleeping and I took a moment to just watch them sleeping. Just a moment - nothing creepy!! I didn't stare at them for 5 minutes or anything!! Just a quick glance and then a smile. Then I heard Lochlan stirring and chatting away probably saying something like, "mommy, I'm awake - come and get me!!"

My family. *sigh*

He loves his giraffe.


Trying to feed himself!

Lochlan popped two more teeth in the past few days. The lower stomach teeth. So he now has a total of 8 teeth! And believe me, he knows how to use them!
*Note: Do not put your fingers in his mouth or they will get bitten!*

I really need to get him a toothbrush because when I try to brush his teeth, he just bites me!!!! (I just use a wet face cloth) I remember being way more proactive and consistent with Abby's teeth when she was 1. I really need to take care of Lochlan's!

Waiting for mommy with Granny.
He looked so big sitting on Granny's knee! Nice lip buddy!

Her new favourite activity: hopscotch!
Thanks Max & Ruby!

Lochlan probably watching 4 Square.
He loves climbing in and out of the chair.

Up, up and away!

He briefly let go the other day and was standing all by himself!

We had a great Thanksgiving weekend. The weather was incredible. So warm and sunshiney. Really made me crave summer again! But I love the fall colours and cooler weather and wearing comfy sweaters and pants. The only downside for the weekend is that it went by too fast! I feel like you visit with your family, but there's never enough time to truly get in a good visit.

The other day, between teaching and going to work at Costco, I had a few hours and met up with my best friend, Danielle and  her two boys, as well as with Abby and Lochlan at one of the parks. The kids had a blast! Running around, playing in the sand, the slides, swings, hide and seek. It was so nice. I love seeing the kids running around with huge smiles on their faces. Makes me happy too. I managed to get a few pictures. Abby was a bit reluctant to get her picture taken but I managed to get a smile out of her by telling her not to smile!!

Don't smile! Don't you do it!
Ta da! Love this pic of her!
Love this pic too! Handsome boy!

Abby keeps talking about Halloween. She wanted to be a princess for the past few months and now she's saying she wants to be a duck! What? A duck? Where did this come from? Hopefully the princess idea will fly because I already have the costume. (Not that she wouldn't get use out of it since she can use it for dressup) Lochlan is going to be a monkey. And I can't wait to show you pictures!!! They are adorable! In the meantime, I'll show you the pic of Abby trying on Lochlan's costume! ha ha
Cheeky monkey!

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