Friday, October 21, 2011

Snuggle monkey

Lochlan  is a bit under the weather these past few days. Something is just a bit off. His two new teeth are taking forever to come up entirely but I don't think that is the issue. He has had a low grade fever but sometimes is happy and content and other times he just wants extra snuggles.

He really gives good snuggles. He wraps his little arms right around your neck and snuggles in. I love it. One of my favourite moments in when I get home after being away for either work or whatever other reason and Abby runs to me and gives me a big hug and Lochlan comes crawling as fast as he can for me to pick him up. And he gives me the best hug too! *sigh*

I weighed Loch last night and if my calculations are correct, he is 18 pounds. It's not a digital scale so it was tough to look down and see while holding him but I know he's at least 18 pounds, if not 19. So I'm going to go with 18 1/2 pounds!!! lol

We'll find out for sure next month when he sees Dr. Moore.

On Monday, he has an appointment with Dr. Arthur. I hadn't for some reason put it in my calendar so I knew he should be having an appointment soon but didn't realize it was for Monday until they called. I am scheduled to work but hopefully Rob can take him as it's a PA day even though he still has to work that day. Or else I'll have to try to switch my shift or get someone else to take him. It'll all work out I'm sure.

I encourage you to check out my other  blog about all the funny things that Abby says as todays post is a good one! Abbyisms

Abby, Rob and I had a special movie night the other day. We watched Beauty and the Beast in 3D. Loving our new TV. And I still love that movie! It's nice that she can sit through an entire movie now. Might have to schedule a movie date at the theatre soon! (when the right one comes along of course)

I've got a few cute pics to post and I'll try to put them up soon. And a video too I think if I remember correctly.

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