Sunday, March 11, 2012

The waiting game...and HOME!

  Lochlan is feeling much much better. He's back to his funny joyful self. He's eating well and quite frankly is getting rather bored. Not much to do in a tiny hospital room, and mostly just his crib since he's still hooked up to his IV and can't move around too much. (doesn't stop him from trying!)

His oxygen prongs were removed yesterday but he still needs his IV to give him his antibiotics. REALLY hoping he's almost finished with the meds and can come home very soon. We were ready yesterday! The doctors didn't come by yesterday to tell us what the plan is so we're feeling a little in the dark. And anxious. Very very anxious. Ready for our little boy to be home. 

I do know the nurse told Rob yesterday that the dietician is monitoring Lochlan's calories and is concerned that he isn't getting enough. And could possibly decide to put an NG tube in to get his weight up. (that is a small tube that goes down his nose and into his stomach)

No thanks.

Lochlan is back to eating pretty much normally now and he hasn't lost weight since being in here. There was 200grams difference but that's because when he was first weighed he was wearing clothes and a diaper. The second time, he was naked.

He's not all of a sudden going to gain 2 lbs!!! So we would be having a serious discussion over that recommendation! Besides I really don't think it would last long before being taken out by an annoyed 22 month old!

Despite the hoe hum of the days, Lochlan enjoys flirting with the nurses. Blowing them kisses and giving them flirty eyes, and waving bye. Actually it was pretty funny last night when the nurse was in she was doing a few tasks and all of a sudden Lochlan starting blowing kisses and saying "bye!" As in, okay, I'm good now, that's enough!

I really wish I could give him a proper bath. Even changing his clothes is difficult because of his IV. We need help to get his arm out of the shirt since we can't just pull it through the tube. And quite frankly, his hand with the IV is really starting to stink! Pee-EW!!


The doctor just came in and asked how he was doing. How he was eating, etc. And she asked: "Do you think he's able to go home?" (YES YES YES!!!!)

Then when I said, yes, she said thank you!

I feel like a new woman!  Tired after a second rough night of little to no sleep because Lochlan wouldn't let me go to lay down to go to sleep? Or when he'd finally get settle the nurse would have to come in to do puffers or check his stats or give him meds....NOPE NOT TIRED NOW!!!!!

Please oh please God, let this be the day!!!!

Actually getting back to last night, it really was difficult. I tried leaving the room so he could fall asleep (he was tired) but when I got back 20 mins later or so, he was not very happy. Then he clung to was like he thought I would leave him for the night if he fell asleep or if he did get to sleep, he would just be woken up again by a strange lady in a silly mask and gown poking and prodding him! I had to literally keep my hands on his back when I finally got him to lay down.  Then I would try to scootch away. No, not having it. I was really getting frustrated. I finally got him settled and he slept for a bit then it would start all over again. Good times. So cannot wait to get into a routine again (at home!)

So YES YES YES YES YES YES, we are ready to go home!!!


We get to go home!!! Waiting for his last dose of IV antibiotics and then we are off!!! YES!

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