Friday, March 23, 2012

Follow up

It's so very nice to home and back into our routine.  When Lochlan came home from the hospital he was very excited. He immediately went to the door to our basement and said "downstairs?" He wanted to go to the toy room! And we did. He enjoyed playing with many many toys and hamming it up for Auntie Noni.

It actually took him a little bit to get his legs back if you will. He'd been in the crib and didn't have too many chances to stretch his legs. So he was walking kinda funny for a few days. He had to continue his antibiotics for 3 days, 3 times a day. He didn't mind the taste of it. It was the Tami-flu that he didn't like very much. Turns out Lochlan had RSV in addition to pneumonia but he didn't have the flu. They had given him the Tami-flu as a precaution since the tests took a few days to come back. But he still had to finish the meds. It is a bit frustrating that he didn't qualify for the RSV shots this year and ended up getting RSV. Although the doctor did say that two babies ended up getting RSV even though they got the shot. So we'll never know.

We went to see Dr. Moore, his pediatrician on Monday. We were fortunate to have a pre-scheduled appointment which could also be used as a follow up from the hospital stay. Lochlan was VERY skittish about the nurse coming near him. We've never had a problem weighing him and that day, he would have none of it. It took A LOT of persuasion to get him to sit on the scale. A LOT! I ended up giving him a tape measure to hold and sang him "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star." He weighed in at 19lbs, 15 3/4 ounces. A quarter of an ounce away from 20lbs!!!! Woo-hoo! He has slowed down in his weight gain I will say that. But he is sooo busy! Always on the move running and dancing and going up and down stairs and climbing and oh my goodness he's so busy. Plus being sick set him back since he wasn't really eating very much. Understandably so. I'm okay with him being 20lbs. Dr. Moore is okay with him being 20lbs. He's still on the growth curve chart. He was 1lb, 12oz when he was born. I think gaining 19 lbs is a pretty good accomplishment.  And he's surpassing any expectation developmentally. He is amazing.

They measure his height and I can't remember if he was just shy of 30 inches or 31 inches. Eek. I'm usually really good at remembering. Probably had something to do with the fact that he was crying and kicking and screaming and trying to get back into my arms!!! Yeah, probably.

I do think she said he was just shy of 31 inches. So I'll go with that! I know he no longer fits in his 12 month jammies. He wears the 18 months ones now. Just for the length. He still wears 12 month shirts and pants.

Our weather has been uncharacteristically warm the past week. Like we're talking early summer weather. We went from winter right to summer. Crazy. It's been super nice to be able to wear shorts and t-shirts and sandals. But really? It's not supposed to happen for at least another couple of months. It's gone as high as 24 degrees I think. The normal max high is 12! So we've been smashing records set back in the 1970s. Which the other day was double the record high. It's supposed to go back down to a high of 8 tomorrow. And someone was saying there's a chance to flurries next week. Go figure!

Anyway, I had to go out and buy Lochlan and Abby some shorts and t-shirts due to the warm temperatures. I only bought Loch one pair of shorts. I had a feeling this nice weather wouldn't be here to stay. No sense in spending money when you don't need to!!!

Oh, before I go, I need to tell you about a super cute thing that happened a week or so before Loch went into the hospital. He had closed the door and the door handle hit Abby in the face and Abby of course got upset and came running to me. So I told Lochlan that he'd hurt Abby and said: "What do you say?" He goes: "Sorry!"

He gets it. And it warmed both our hearts.

Stay tuned for some super cool dance moves in the next post I finally captured on video.

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  1. So weird to post about opposites! Our boys have been on the same track for so long! Lochlan is a few inches taller than Timmy now, but a few pounds lighter. Timmy is just shy of 22 pounds, but only about 28 inches long so he still fits in the 12-months jammies.

    We're also backward weather-wise. Early this week, we had hail, a bunch of rain and some overnight freezing temperatures. Daytime highs were considerably lower than normal on Monday and Tuesday, but we're back up where we belong now. Which means we're officially into shorts weather here! Come on down anytime!

    Glad that Lochlan is doing so well! Looking forward to the videos! (But I know how hard it is to find the time to blog them. It's past midnight here, but I have so many posts I want to do and I wanted to get at least one done tonight!)

    Have a great week!