Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bust a move and special infant clinic

Lochlan had his appointment with the Special Infant Development clinic last week. He continues to astound them. In fact, the speech therapist said that he was using the 24 month checklist by mistake and that he was passing it with flying colours! (He should have been using the 18month checklist!!!) And that he is considered "advanced." Go LOCHLAN!!!! We already knew though that he is doing superb in the language department. The amount of words he uses and how he communicates is so amazing. He is still on the list for speech program until after junior kindergarten since he was referred way back when. Because he is on the list, we could bypass the wait and all it would take to see someone about any issues would be to pick up the phone. So I decided to keep him on the list just in case there is an issue over the next few years. I'd hate to take him off and then discover an issue and then need to be placed on a waiting list.

Loch is now 20lbs, 1 3/4 ounces. So nice to finally have him officially over 20lbs!!! Still so small. My goodness our nephew towers over him and they are about the same age.  But good things come in small packages isn't that what they say!!!

The doctor did say that he has low tone in his body and that he still walks (or runs - ha ha) with his arms up for balance and goes up on his toes a bit when he walks. But she said he is still quite a small boy and it's to be expected.

He is supposed to be seeing Dr. Arthur this month for his eyes. (just a checkup) and then Dr. Flavin his respiratory doctor next month as well as the ear nose and throat doctor where we will find out if he needs to have surgery to put tubes in his ears to drain the excess fluid. Praying he doesn't!

Here is a pic from Easter. Since my iPod has been broken I haven't been able to take regular pictures. Must get a camera!!!!!!  (So this was taken with Rob's iPhone) How cute are they?!

And of course Princess Abby!!! (with her jammies underneath!)

And the boy and girl have some moves!!! For your viewing pleasure:

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