Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Reunited! (and it feels so good)

FINALLY! I got to snuggle with Lochlan! After one week of not being allowed to visit him, I was able to go yesterday. (Tuesday) His new digs are pretty darn nice. I know I was a bit sad that he was leaving the routine of what I knew with the NICU but man, that new pediatrics floor is awesome.

He's in an open crib!!!! YAHOOO!!! And wearing his super sweet clothes. That actually are too small for him! No more preemie clothes!

He looked so teeny tiny in that big ol crib.

He had a pretty good view too of the lake. And I was able to nurse him again. At first, I tried the bottle, but kept dropping little hints at how he'd soon be able to nurse again and his nurse said, that I was given the all clear. Didn't take me long to get ready to do that! (Loch wasn't too keen on the bottle but I don't blame him - I mean really, why give him the bottle if mommy has the super soothing good stuff! Even though my milk was in the bottle - just not the same thing.) Besides I found the milk was just pouring out of the bottle.
He nursed like a champ! Was there ever any doubt?!

Lochlan will be moved to another room on the peds floor. Out of the critical care area. He doesn't need to be monitored as much. In fact, they were taking his monitors off last night and all he has left now in just the nasal prongs with the little bit of oxygen.

He hasn't had any spells or desats in over 10 days which is the reason he's coming off of the monitors. How super exciting!

His new room looks more like a private regular hospital room. There is a chair that converts to a bed so we can sleep there and basically be with him 24/7. Not that we weren't able to be with him as much as we wanted in the NICU, it's just a totally different vibe. More like being home. And without someone hanging over your shoulder or the noises of the NICU or other babies and families around.

They also have free TV, and a phone, and a shower, etc. I think tonight, I am going to sleep there and nurse him overnight and just be with him. We are one step closer to bringing him home. He needs to gain weight with breastfeeding (or bottle) to be able to come home. That's the only thing left. He will more than likely be coming home on the low flow oxygen and I'm totally fine with that. We will get training.

I can't believe my baby will be home soon.

On a side note, we are having some difficulty with Abby adjusting to her new bedroom. She is not in her crib anymore, and therefore will not stay in her room and instead wants to sleep in mommy and daddy's room. I get it. A lot of changes happening but it's really rather exhausting. Thing is, the first night, she slept in her bed no problems, but woke up with her high fever. The next night, she ended up falling out of bed. And ever since then, she won't sleep in the bed. (Can you really blame her?) I've tried the bed rail, and nope! Still no go. Today, we are going to buy her a new mattress because right now, it's still her crib without the drop down rail. Hopefully building up her big girl bed will help! Please!!!!! Please let that be the case. Otherwise, we'll be sleep training Supernanny style!

I think that's all the updates I have for now. I'll post pics of Lochlan's room shortly. Should get the rest of it all set up today.

P.S. Happy Anniversary Rob! Our 3rd wedding anniversary was yesterday. We went the old staple date and went to dinner and a movie. Saw Inception which was fabulous! I only fell asleep briefly because I was super tired. (It was a 9:55pm start date so give me a break!!!) I didn't end up getting to sleep until about 2:30am and Abby was up at 5:30. Lucky us!

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