Sunday, August 1, 2010

Weekend update

We're in our new home! How exciting! I love it so much already!

Besides from being super stressed these last few days (well more added stress!) Lochlan continues to thrive. He is doing amazing so I'm told. He's been bottle feeding (with my breastmilk) and doing fantastic with it. The nurse even took out his ng tube (tube that runs from his nose to his stomach) and were just letting him bottle feed. He did get tired after doing it all day and the tube was put back in but then he's still been doing awesome with the bottles. Taking up to 50ml once! His feeds are only set at 38ml. Must have been a hungry boy! Since putting the tube back in his nose, I believe it's only been used once to feed. Actually his nurse did say that if he was sleeping, she would feed him using the tube when it was time for his feeds.

I spoke with Dr. Onyette a few times Saturday. If Lochlan ends up getting the chicken pox, he will be treated (obviously) but he won't have to get his immunization at one year old. If not, he'll get his shot.

He is being moved to the pediatric floor today at 3pm because of the air circulation in the nursery. Apparently the isolation room he's in the air still circulates throughout the entire nursery. The pediatric's isolation room, the air comes in, the air goes out. The only thing I don't get is why, after a week are they moving him? You'd think he would have been moved sooner if they were worried about passing on anything to the other babies. Or he could, that it would have happened already. I don't know. I just go with the flow. (Hey - I'm a poet and I don't even know it)

He's also down to .024 of oxygen per litre. Whatever that really means. I just know it's good and that he's on his way to being weaned!

I am being told that I can probably go back to see him and begin nursing again on Monday (tomorrow) or Tuesday. The rash doesn't have to be entirely gone - I was contagious to him for the first week. So that's a bit of a relief. I mean I'd rather have not been contagious at all to him. Thankfully, he's behaving normally. But there's still the waiting period for anything to show up. That's why he needs to stay in isolation for 28 days since the last time I saw him. Which they say will be August 28th. That's only if he's still needing care in the NICU. Or in this case, the Pediatric ICU. (PICU?) He can be discharged during that time which I'm really hoping will be the case. My due date is fast approaching (August 17th) so we're talking 2 weeks and 2 days. He could be home in a few weeks or another month. We shall see. He needs to accomplish: suck, swallow, feed (and gain), no spells for 48 hours straight, and be able to regulate him own temperature.

When he moves to peds, he will be his isolette for 2 days and then can be moved to an open crib. So chances are, I won't miss this great milestone! I can put his clothes on!!! How exciting!

The thing I am sort of bummed about is that because he is being moved, we won't have the same nurses taking care of him. I've really bonded with some of the nurses. Chances are, they won't get to see him discharged. : ( But I'm sure the nurses are all great too in the pediatrics wing. I am being reassured that Lochlan will have the same quality of care as in the NICU.

It will be a bit different. Instead of being surrounded by preemies, there'll be older kids needing ICU care.

On top of moving over the weekend, and the shingles, and everything else going on in our lives, Abby struck a fever our first night in our new home. She went to bed fine, and then at 12:45am she came to our room and had a temp of 102.5f. I've been treating the fever with Motrin and is comes down but still hasn't broke. She has no other symptoms other than this fever. Hopefully she'll be back to normal again soon. She's still being her happy go-lucky self which is good. Maybe a bit more clingy and today she needed an additional nap (so did mommy!)

Abby truly says the cutest things sometimes.

The other day I was upset and she said, "What's wrong mommy?" And I said, "mommy's sad." And she said, "Oh poor mommy! Here, hug Li." (Lion - her stuffed animal)It was so super cute.

And last night, we were doing something, and out of the blue she says "I'm proud of you" to me. (I tell her I'm so proud of her sometimes) It just goes to show you what you say to and around your children, they take in entirely.

Such a blessing to have in my life. She makes this process a lot easier. And she doesn't know how very much I needed to hear that.

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