Friday, July 29, 2011

15lbs and counting...

That's right, Lochlan is finally over 15 pounds! He's 15lbs, 4 1/2 ounces! 27 1/2 inches long and his noggin' is still 45cm....actually the first time the nursing student measured it, she said 42cm and I was like, are you sure he's lost 3cm, is that possible? So they remeasured and everything is still all there!

I was so very pleased to see that he was now over the 15 pound mark. And that he's grown almost an inch in a few weeks! Woo-hoo! And yet, he's still only about a pound for every month he's been in this world. So maybe we'll crack the 24 pound mark by the time he hits 2!!!

I have been going through his clothes again and trying to organize his drawers. The faster I put stuff in, the faster he pulls it out! Such a game to him. Hilarious! He gets so excited so I don't mind even though it's way more work for me.

I was looking at all the clothes and thinking, man, he's been wearing these for what seems like forever!! He's still in some 3-6months clothes. But we're slowly moving into the 6months stuff. I'm sort of ready to see a new wardrobe really. It's funny how when Abby was a baby, I couldn't keep her in one size - it seemed she'd always outgrow it before she wore it a few times. And it was sad to not see her in them anymore. With Lochlan, I'm so ready for some new stuff!! Although it will soon be fall so I will get my wish soon enough!

Lochlan is now cruising the furniture and I think I mentioned in an earlier post, crawling stairs. What a monkey! You can tell that he is just so proud of himself! (as are we!)

He's starting to form more sounds as well. And I firmly believe that he is saying "thank you". So cute. It's more like a "tank tu" but I'll take it and run with it! It's a start and I'm definitely encouraging it! He likes to lead a simon says type game too! Blake and Owen, my nephews were here yesterday and Lochlan loved getting them to follow his moves.
Check it out! So funny!

Loch had his special infant development clinic on Wednesday (that's why I know his specific weight and height gain) and they were more than pleased with his progress. The speech and language therapist kept saying "he's making great sounds." We are putting him on the waiting list for speech and language as a precaution since he is still considered 'at risk.' They will keep him there until he's 2 and then we'll re-evaluate.

The motor skills therapist was very pleased as well. He's doing everything she was looking for. She said that she has no concerns and that he seems to do things spontaneously so she doesn't see a need to have someone work with him to encourage him to try things.

So proud of our boy. A-MAZ-ING!

I spoke with Julie, the at home Infant Development therapist while we were there and we agreed that we would touch base in October but that she doesn't need to work one on one with him.

So his next doctor's appointment will be September 1st I believe for his 15 month shots (even though he'll be close to 16 months).

Abby has officially moved into the "why" stage. Wow. Fun! Everything is why? But it keeps going and going, so you end up in circles. She loves asking what peoples names are or their age, then it's always followed up with a "why?"....

Last weekend, we went camping with my family. We had a great time. We went tubing again but this time Abby was so not interested. I think she's scared of the water. Just the unknown. I understand. I think I was like her when I was younger too! But I was a bit disappointed cause I really wanted to go tubing with my girl! Maybe next time!

We wrapped up the weekend at my Grandma and Grandpa's farm. They passed many years ago but due to certain circumstances, it's been 9 years since we've been there. It was so great to see our cousins and Aunt & Uncle and to tour the farm. Rob has never been so it was neat to show him around and relive some great memories. And to show Abby & Lochlan as well. I think what I liked best was not only rekindling my friendship with my cousin Ann, but seeing Abby play in areas of the house and land, that I grew up and played in too. I remember balancing on the beams when I was her age, probably older too and it really gave me a moment.

The farm is for sale so we really wanted to go back there and tour around and smile and relive all those awesome memories. So glad we were able to do so and so very thankful. My heart was definitely full that day!

This past week has been pretty busy. I'm trying to job hunt as my mat leave is officially over. It's tough with it being just over a month before school starts up and the supply jobs kick in. I definitely need something to get us through so we can pay our bills! Good times! I finally finished my website for my home business, Sunsinger Creations. I do graphic design for invitations and save the dates, as well as videography for Love Story Videos, and also wedding photography. It's really an all in one for couples getting married or having an anniversary, or a baby. The only thing I haven't added is that I also do disc jockeying. Feel free to check out my website and spread the word!

Here are a few more videos from the past month I didn't get a chance to post. Some from Abby's birthday and the zoo and her cousin's horse show. Oh and Abby is big on playing with her dolls these days so enjoy a very cute video! I wish I had more time to post some of the pics. But Abby is up now from her nap and is ready to play!!

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