Friday, July 8, 2011

Let this be the start of something!

Please let us be on to something! Lochlan has been sleeping for almost 12 and a half hours straight. It's almost 8am. This is crazy. Crazy enjoyable!!! I think we really wore him out yesterday. We went to Sydenham lake and had a day of sunshine and fresh air. He napped a little but not nearly as much as if he was at home. There's definitely something to be said about getting outside. Love it!

Abby even had her first tubing experience. She loved it. I didn't get to see her because I stayed back and gave Lochlan his lunch. But she was hitting the waves (Aunt Chrissy was with her) and saying "woo-hoo Aunt Chrissy!" The only part she wasn't a fan of was when they slowed down and ended up tipping over into the lake. But she blames Uncle Brad cause he was driving the boat so Chrissy's off the hook! She's just not fond of getting her face wet. Even in the bathtub she always needs a towel to cover her eyes when we're washing her hair. And swimming too. Hoping she gets over it eventually.

I'll have to post pics and video of that adventure. It's on Mom and Dad's camera. I'll try to have it for next blog which hopefully won't be as long in between blogs.

Lochlan started pointing and also waving on July 1st. Sooo cute. Sometimes he's a cheeky monkey and won't wave on cue but he definitely knows it! He plays us for sure!

We had a great Canada Day. Our street has a block party every year. Last year Rob and I and Abby were invited even though we didn't move until July 31st. Rob's sister lives across the street from us. It was an awesome day! We invited some friends over as well. Water balloon toss which turned into a water fight, bbq, swimming, a few other games and activities, and then a campfire and fireworks! A great day! A great Abby quote was the highlight of my day I think. After talking so much about it being Canada's birthday and decorating a bit and of course having the party, Abby said: "Oh I can't wait to see Canada!" She thought Canada was going to walk through the door for their party!!! So cute!

Lochlan decided that he didn't want to go to sleep though. It was a bit of a nightmare really. Just wouldn't settle. It was very frustrating. He only wants to be held a certain way so you can even have him upright over your shoulder, only cradled on your left arm. You can't sit. Oh no, no sitting. You must stand up! So it took a really long time to settle him that night. I think it was after 11 before he finally fell asleep. Rob and I took turns comforting him. As a result I missed out on the fireworks which I heard were awesome. Or the "best home fireworks EVER!" Oh well, next year will be different.

Abby actually said "mom, do you have any bandages for my ears? The fireworks are too loud!" Love that girl!

Actually Lochlan had been having a hard time the past few weeks with bedtime. Sometimes he'd fall asleep on his own no problem but then would wake up about a half an hour later. And then take a few hours to settle back down again. It was awful. Happy to say the past few days have been much better. But our worst was Sunday night I think. It took 3 hours to get him to sleep. (And he was tired!) But it's been better. It was a half an hour the other day, then 15 mins, and last night it took only 4 mins!! We decided to do the controlled crying. I know some people don't agree but we needed to try something. So glad he's able to self soothe now. (Not the 3 hour night we weren't doing it - that's what made the decision for us to try the technique)

So I think it's helping with the overnight as well. That he's able to self soothe if he wakes up rather than needing to be nursed or rocked or whatever back to sleep. When Abby was a baby, she took to her Lion and cuddled him. Lochlan hasn't taken to anything. Gave up his soother a loooong time ago and isn't attached to a stuffed animal but not for the lack of trying. And isn't attached to a blanket either. Oh well. Nothing to break him from I suppose.

He has his next doctor's appointment on Monday with Dr. Moore his pediatrician. I'm anxious to see his weight and height and talk about a few things. I'm hoping we can ditch one of the cereal feedings and just give him toast or bread or something. And also see what she says about milk. He's sort of taking a sippy cup and will sometimes drink from a bottle. But it's not like he's drinking 5+ ounces in a sitting. More like an ounce or two. If that! So I want to make sure he's getting enough especially since I'm going back to work soon. EEK!

I'm starting to get in the mindset of going back to work. I think I'm ready but obviously if I had a choice, I'd love to stay home with my kids. But there are bills to be paid and perhaps a little sanity break needed as well!!!

Abby's birthday is next week. Can't believe she's going to be 3! We're planning on going to the zoo. Can't wait! And we'll have her kid party next weekend. So I need to plan that!

Okay well, I'm going to check on Lochlan since it's been almost 13 hours now that he's been sleeping. I'm starting to get a little antsy!

We are off to the park today. Should be another great day of sunshine and fresh air. Here's hoping he has another stellar sleep tonight.

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  1. Nice to see a new post again, although I feel like I kind of cheated on this one since we've been messaging on Facebook.

    I love your Abby quotes. What a cutie! Tell her happy birthday from us!

    We did the cry-it-out method with our twins and went from nightmarish bedtime to heaven sent bedtime in a matter of about 3 days. I hated hearing them cry, but I got to the point that I knew they could sleep through the night and I was so exhausted one night I just got them ready and put them to bed and they cried for close to an hour. 20 minutes the next night. 5 the night after that and hardly at after that.

    Can't wait for the pediatrician updates on Lochlan. We don't have another visit for a couple more weeks.

    Needing more sleep around here too. Hope you're still getting more!