Friday, July 30, 2010


Well, yesterday didn't go quite as planned. I intended on finishing up packing and cleaning all day. We took Abby to Granny & Grampa's (THANK YOU AGAIN) and I had to hang around downtown to wait for the doctor to call me. She told me she'd call before 10am.

I finally spoke with Dr. Onyette around 9:45am and the plan was to wait for her to call me back as she was going to head over to my family doctor's after an appt. she had. And to wait for her call again.

So off I went to do a few errands and wait.

When it got to be 11 o'clock, I decided enough was enough and went home. She finally called and basically said that Lochlan was given the antibodies last night and was doing well (I already knew this as I call at least twice a day) and that the person who diagnosed me had a senior physician come in and she said that it was shingles as well. Now the swab that they took they didn't use because there wasn't anything to swab. (knew that) But she still wanted me to go in again for a reassessment at 3pm.

In the midst of this, I had to pick up my sister and bring her back to our house to help clean and pack, go out to my parents to drop off something, pick up something for my other sister and drop that off and...holy cow...where was my day going?!

I was able to pack up a few things before heading off to pick up sister #1 and begin the running around. (p.s. don't feel bad family - it had to be done and I'm not complaining, just explaining)

At the doctor's, a different doctor checked me out, got another doctor to come in and check me out, came back with the nurse practictioner who originally checked me out and pricked me with some thingy majiggy and took a swab of that. I still don't have any blisters or open sores. (yay for me!)

Then she called someone else and they discussed getting me a blood requisition to get tested to make sure I am immune to chicken pox. I guess I don't sound all that convincing when I say I had them as a kid.

So that's where it sits. I have to go today to get blood sucked out of me (sorry, thought I'd be a little over dramatic there) and wait for any results to come back. Which they are rushing because apparently this could cost the NICU thousands of dollars because they would have to put the babies on antibiotics or the same thing that Lochlan's getting. MAN! I can't believe it. Honestly, I didn't think anything of it when I went to breastfeed Lochlan on Monday and Tuesday. It didn't turn into anything that I was concerned about until Wed when I called to make my doctor's appointment. Other than a few red blotches and some itchiness...I thought my bra was rubbing it or something. So I really pray this really isn't shingles and that I don't have to put all those babies and families through it too.

I will have to stay away from the hospital for at least one week. Lochlan will be in isolation for 28 days, with everyone in his room wearing gowns, gloves, and face masks. If he is ready to be discharged, they will release him during those 28 days but while he is a resident of the NICU hotel, he needs to be in isolation for the full 28 days.

On a positive note, Lochlan is doing fabulous. He took I think one spell yesterday (where he forgot to breathe momentarily) and his weight is now up to 1940 grams. I think anyway...I know he gained weight on his lasix day...okay, I really can't remember I was so tired when I called last night. I do know he's over the 1900 mark which means he should be able to go in an open crib. Unfortuately, I won't be physically there for the milestone.

On another positive note, we get the keys to our new house today! Woo-hoo! I'm so excited. It's a strange feeling sitting here typing this, looking around and thinking about all the memories in this house and that in just a few short hours we will no longer be living here. A little sad but super exciting to think we'll create new memories in our new house.

Anyway, I'd better get to cleaning. We should have internet hooked up at our new place today but you never know. So I'll try to blog as soon as I can about the test results.

Pray for a positive outcome! And thank you to those of you who have made comments. I read them all and really appreciate the support. (and appreciate those of you who read my blog as well.)



  1. are you sure you don't have a form of thrush from the baby because my friends sister in-law had it and she had too stop breastfeeding until it was gone.

  2. Mel, the docs were pretty sure it's shingles...we'll know for sure when the test results come back. But if I had thrush would it not be in the nipple area?

    Besides, I have stopped breastfeeding as I am not allowed in to see him and I'm having to pump and dump!