Thursday, July 15, 2010

Happy happy, joy joy!

Lochlan had a stellar day! His oxygen has been low and he's been sat'ing really well so they lowered his pressure settings to 5.5....but even then he was doing extremely well so they lowered it even further to 5. While I was visiting today, he was still sat'ing in the high 90s (96-99%) and was down to 28% oxygen. One proud mama here!

His feeds have been increased to 32mls every 3 hours and the number of human milk fortifier has been increased as well. They really want to get him to gain weight more rapidly. He's up to 1680grams (3lbs, 11oz) but the average 35 weeker is 2400grams. (5lbs, 3oz) So a ways to go but I'm deciding he's been working super hard at healing, that the growing part, I can cut him some slack!

I had the "wonderful pleasure" of changing his poopy diaper. Actually I didn't mind at all. Anytime that I can feel like things are starting to get normal, the better.

I still have not been able to try to nurse him again. No one has been brave enough if you will...or even really brought it up. Today his nurse mentioned how great he is with his soother and that once he's on to low flow he'll be able to try breastfeeding. I guess babies don't generally go on the breast while being on high flow. But Lochlan likes to exceed everyone's expectations! He does things his own way!

I pray that he keeps improving on a daily basis and that he can go to low flow sooner rather than later and get breastfeeding - heck I'd even take bottle feeding just so he can be ready to come home.

We get official possession of our house in two weeks. I can't wait. I picked up a few things for Abby and Lochlan's rooms and picked out the paint colours. Abby's room will be purple (one drama wall and the rest a lighter shade ---plus she picked purple over pink when asked!) And Lochlan's room will be chocolate brown and blue. I think they will have better rooms than Rob and I!

Here are a few pics as promised of Abigail on her birthday!


  1. Good for you for not stressing about Lochlan's weight! Their wee bodies are so busy sorting themselves out that ANY progression forward is wonderful! I love reading your journey, it makes me smile every time you post something new. Dax is 7 months old now, but only 11.2 lbs...ask me if I care...NOPE! He's perfect. Keep up the great work. and congrats on the house!

  2. Awe thanks Katrina! Your comment made ME smile!

  3. Great news for a great gal, Abby is soooo beautiful, eyes of an angel,Lochlan is growing so fast, he looks so beautiful, your journey has been stranded but looks like your blessed with two special children who deserve a very special and beautiful Mommy---You, wishing you tons of happiness, you have such a wonderful way, always have, enjoy your family, all my love Deb xoxoxo p.s don't forget to sing, your voice is a gift, make sure your children can share in it!!!!!

  4. Debbie, you are super sweet. Thank you!