Sunday, July 18, 2010

Nursing attempt #2!

Finally! I got to hang out with my beautiful boy. I still have a teeny bit of a cough every now and then but I have never developed a full out cold...and my instincts were telling me it was okay to go in. Just to be safe, I dawned a face mask while I held Lochlan. It was like this cohort mission. We didn't want anyone to see that I had a mask on since they'd be like -- then why are you here? But really, I was completely fine. Better to be overly cautious.

Anyway, on to the fantastic news: Lochlan nursed again!!! This time I'm pretty sure he actually got a little! What a champ! After a little while, he started to get tired of the whole trying to eat thing, and so Lois (once again once of the super lady nurses) gave me a nipple shield to try. It somehow is less tiring...I don't know. I'd heard of them but had never seen them or much thought I'd ever need one. He used it for a bit and then just fell asleep anyway since Lois was still feeding him through the NG tube. (tube that run from his nose down into his stomach) The strangest thing was that after, Lois mentioned that she should have asked me before grabbing it, because it's $5 for the shield but that she can get it from me later. Really? Five dollars? After all of the equipment and supplies that get used and tossed I have to give them 5 bucks for a nipple shield? I find it kinda funny and odd. I have no problem giving them the 5 bucks but it seems rather pointless in the grand scheme of things. I apologize to my American friends if they are reading this as I know that you have to pay for probably everything. I can't even imagine the stress and worry of it all. I will happily be making a donation to the hosptial's NICU unit when all is said and done most defintely.

Anyway, Lochlan and I had a great snuggle and Lois said that we can probably aim to try it nursing once a day.

We had quite the storm here tonight that knocked out power for over 3 hours. I was starting to get worried about all the milk I have stored in the freezer. I have no idea how long things can last before starting to defrost but I was not willing to find out! I kept thinking about all that hard work and nutrition...oh man, that would not have been good. I have about 12 grocery store bags full of bottles stocked up. I was starting to make plans to move it to my mother in-laws since they had their power but thankfully, ours came back on. Phew! And thank God!

When I called before heading to bed, Lochlan was having a great night and only lost I think 15grams on a lasix day. So if memory serves me well, he is 1750grams. (still 3 pounds, 14 ounces)

I was once told that to be able to move to an open crib, babies have to be over 1800grams. How exciting! That could be next!


  1. Hey Jenn, 48 hours provided you keep the door closed, and depending on conditions outside. That's for everything in your freezer. If it starts to soften around the edges, then it needs to go. If you're worried about more power outages, try moving the breastmilk to the bottom centre of the freezer, that's where stuff stays frozen longest. If its an upright or top of the fridge, then put it in the back. Surround it by other frozen stuff.

  2. Thanks Jamie. Good to know. I was freaking out just a little!