Sunday, July 25, 2010

Results and snuggle with Daddy and a visit with Abby

Okay...I've been catching up on sleep and life.

Lochlan has been doing fabulous since his surgery. The results came back that his head ultrasound was normal...and so I asked the resident if that meant that the brain bleed was gone and he said they didn't comment on any bleeds so he is led to believe that it means it was reaborbed. I pray this was the case...but like him, I am sure that they would have made some comment if there was still something there.

EEG (not ECG!) results showed nothing abnormal. This measures activity in the brain I believe and the resident did say that Lochlan was still under some of the meds they gave him to calm his brain from the seizures so the test could have been inaccurate. The specialist was away that week so she will take a look at it when she returns to double check and it may be repeated if she feels it is necessary.

Blood work - fine.

The very positive thing here is that Lochlan has not had any more of these seizures so more than likely it was a side effect from the drugs they gave him during the operation. They said that it can happen - rarely does of course, but Loch wouldn't be the first baby or person to have it happen to.

To cover all the bases though and to make sure that everything is ruled out they will be doing an MRI this week. This will tell them whether or not he suffered any brain damage when they had to do the chest compressions and manual breaths. Even though his heartrate only dropped to 60, they want to check and check again.

Please pray that it comes back normal as well.

With all this hoopla happening this week, I don't think I mentioned that Rob got to hold him for the first time on Wednesday.

And today, Abby went in to see him. She was so adorable. So excited. While we were there she kept saying, "hi Lochlan. Hi!" And blowing him kisses. She told him about her day and she started singing "Twinkle twinkle, little star". Adorable. And then we sang "You are my sunshine" together to him. He opened his eyes to peek a few times. He knew she was there!

She was really good visiting him today, and listened well when we had to leave. She said I love you, and see you later. In the car, she goes "I like him!" How cute is that!!!!

Can't wait for him to come home.

I've also started nursing him again. Yesterday (Saturday) was the first time and he did awesome! Nursed for a good 25 minutes. And we had a great snuggle. I'm off to nurse him again tonight for the 8:30 feed.

Well I need to get Abby in for her bath and to bed. Til next time,


  1. I am so glad to hear the surgery went well, I just read back a few posts. Look at those photos, he is so cute! Your husband looks so happy!

  2. i am soo glad to hear that1 how did the laser surgery go. hope all is well can't wait to see him.

  3. Thanks Chantal. Me too!

    Anonymous - I posted about the surgery in a prior blog if you want to read back...but overall, the procedure went well.