Tuesday, July 6, 2010

"I'm so proud of him"

I haven't blogged since Sunday night because there hasn't been much to update. Lochlan is cruising along nicely. He's loving his high flow and it's like he's a different baby. That's what some of the nurses keep saying anyway. They're like - is that Lochlan? Wow! Look at him! They are so excited for us. And I keep telling them (and him) that I'm so proud of him. He's doing amazing.

He's up to 19mils of breastmilk every 2 hours and is getting a potassium supplement now as his levels were a bit low yesterday.

His weight last night was 1525 grams. (almost 3 1/2 pounds)

We got to have a snuggle yesterday which felt so right...and today another one! When I arrived both times, he was super alert....like he was waiting for me! Looking at me with his beautiful eyes, like "hi mommy!"

We did a cradle hold yesterday, and skin to skin (kangaroo) today. Either way it's bliss. What an amazing little boy I have.

And his amazing big sister is having her birthday party tomorrow! Very exciting! Her 2nd birthday isn't until next week (the 13th) but we're celebrating a week early so that her best girlfriend can make it. So I'm off to clean up and set up for the party and get loot bags ready! Oh to be a kid again!