Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A minor setback

Yesterday (Monday) Lochlan was amazing! He nursed for at least 15 minutes straight and I couldn't have been more thrilled. The nurse, put him in front of me when she took him out of his incubator and I was able to pick him up and place him in the proper position. Then I was able to move him to snuggle after. It felt so right. It made it seem completely normal, minus the feeding tube still in his nose and heart shaped tape on his cheeks and the whole being in the NICU thing. I actually sat back at one point and said, while snuggling Lochlan, "this is the life." Of course I meant minus all the above things. But just being able to snuggle my son and do normal mommy things was an incredible feeling.

His weight last night dropped 10grams but it was a lasix day so that's not bad.

This afternoon I went in to nurse him and he wasn't at all interested. I've heard that could be the case and to not get too concerned or disappointed by it. He just wanted to sleep. That's okay. Probably still tuckered out from yesterday's progress.

Tonight however, after celebrating my mother in-law's birthday (Happy Birthday Rosemary) I got the phone call from Dr. Arthur. (He's the one that has been monitoring Lochlan's eyes.) Not so good news. Lochlan's eyes have regressed even more since the last checkup. If they don't intervene, then he could have major vision problems which could evenutally lead to blindness.

Dr. Arthur is going to meet with his colleague tomorrow to further discuss his case and we'll have to consent to doing the laser surgery and it will have to be done this week. I know that it is the best thing for him but it's still not something that I want him to go through.

It deeply saddens and frustrates me because he will have to be reintubated to have the surgery. He's been doing so well I am scared that the tube will impede his progess and he may end up needing to be intubated for a long period of time. This also means, an IV or two, and no nursing and some recovery time of course.

I have no idea how long it will take to recover. I do know the surgery is not very invasive and that they just go in and zap the capillaries that have grown too fast or something like that.

We will have more information tomorrow when we meet with the doctors. Hopefully, they will say that Lochlan will not need to be intubated for very long. But I have a feeling, it will be Lochlan's choice how long he wants that tube in his throat. And knowing my son and trusting my intincts, that won't be very long at all. Such a warrior our little boy.

On a side note, my sister, Terri is in the hospital right now as I type this having her baby. I can't wait to meet my new niece or nephew.
I'll keep you posted and also let you know what Lochlan's weight was tonight probably in the morning. (I'm too lazy to go upstairs to call and then come back downstairs to type it)

Please pray for Lochlan as he prepares for his eye surgery and that he makes a super speedy recovery and will be back to nursing and on low flow in no time at all. (or off oxyten assistance altogether!)

Thank you!

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