Saturday, July 3, 2010

3 snuggles in a row and self extubation

Whew! Lots to blog about. Canada day was awesome. Lochlan and I had our third snuggle in 3 days!! I can't get over how much he looks like Abby. I'm anxious to see if he has those adorable dimples as well. Either way, he's super cute.

We had a great Canada Day celebrating in Bath to start and then in the afternoon, we had a bbq on our new cul-de-sac. My sister in law lives on our soon to be street and invited us so we got to meet some of our new neighbours. Abby LOVED it. She's little Miss social - introducing herself..."I'm Abigail" and playing and chatting with the kids and adults. I know we are going to fit right in. I can't wait to move. 4 weeks to go!! woo-hoo!

On to news about Lochlan. I'm trying to remember what I last updated you on. He's still on the micro lipids and down to 2 packs of human milk fortifier but they've gone back to only giving him lasix every other day. He really hasn't gained much weight over the last few days. He's at 1435grams.

His O2 had been in the 40-50 range in the last few days which was better than it was.
I wasn't able to hold him yesterday (Friday) as a new 25 weeker was joining the NICU. I totally understood. Plus I'd had 3 days in a row already! But man, my heart goes out to the parents and my prayers are being sent for that lil miracle. It made me a little emotional when I heard about it. Not that I know any details but just knowing what the fears and anxiety and nervousness are all about brought me right back to almost 2 months ago. It's still quite raw if I let myself go back there. I find that since I'm now in a routine, things don't seem as scary. I get reminded every now and then, but it's definitely a lot easier. Not to say it's easy in any way, but it's a little less concerning.

Last night I got to go see my musical crushes - Jeff Callery & Runaway Train at Ribfest in Gananoque. What a blast! They only perform together once every 2 years now and it was such a treat to see them again. As per usual, they were amazing! When I got home which was around midnight, Rob told me that the hospital called and Lochlan had extubated himself. (this is the second time he's done that - first time he pulled it out, this time he turned his head which I've seen him try to do before)
So he is on BiPAP (**correction - CPAP) and when I called he was doing wonderful. His nurse sounded so pleased. His blood gases were the best they've been and his O2 was at 34%. The best that's been in a loooong time. So she was going to call if he tired out and they had to reinsert the tube.

After I got off the phone, I went to pump and one of the parts of the pump was broken. It was done. I couldn't use it. I unforunately dropped it when I was transferring it from my mom and dad's car to mine on the way back from Gan. Luckily, my sister is about to have a baby and has a pump and she doesn't live that far from us (about 10 mins or so) But I was sooooo tired but sooooo needed to pump. So off I went to retrieve the pump. Sorry Barry for waking you up! And thanks for letting me borrow it. (Lochlan thanks you both too!) Finally about 1:30 I was able to get to bed. Wendy - I don't know how you do it!

When I woke up this morning, let me rephrase that, when Abby woke up this morning which was a lovely 6:10 I was happy that the NICU hadn't called. A very good sign. The last time he was on BiPAP he tired out after 4 hours and was working really hard and his O2 was pretty high. In the 70s if I remember correctly.

I called just after 8 and he's doing fantastic. He had another blood gas which again was great and his O2 is at 32%!!!! GO LOCHLAN!!! So I pray that this is the time he keeps that tube out for good! Positive thoughs!!!

I'll keep you posted.

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  1. Yea Lochlan! What a stellar little man! Congratulations on the BiPAP and happy Canada day!

    You're so sweet with the shout out. What I haven't blogged is that I have actually slept through my alarm 2 or 3 times recently and freaked myself out in the morning. Love being able to get more than three ounces in one pumping, but I hate the scare that I'm sending my body messages that I'm done. We both just need babies to wake up to. Pumping bites!

    So happy that you have had such great days lately. Every forward step is huge!

    Oh, I do feel your pain on having Abby wake you up early. It's like they sense when you desperately need the extra sleep - that's when my twins decide the 6:30 is the perfect time to get up! Noooooo!!!!!!