Sunday, June 27, 2010

"I want to see Lochlan...I want to see my baby brudder!"

Lochlan had a great weekend. Saturday was a busy day so I wasn't able to get in to see him. I did have a little bit of guilt but am giving myself a break since that was the second time other than when I had my cold that I haven't been in to see him since he was born. I did call to get his stats though. He was up 70 grams and it was a lasix day! (which is very surprising) However he is now up to 4 packs of fortifier which gives him a lot more calories. As well as 18ml of breastmilk. I get the feeling he is at a lower weight than they expect at this point but he was only 1 pound and 12 ounces when he was born. So to be 1470 grams (3 pounds and 4 ounces) is pretty darn good to me!

So it will interesting to see what he weighs tonight. She's (Holly) not going to weigh him until his 2am feed as he is just settling down now. Apparently he was pretty active since she came on shift(7pm) and was moving around a lot and requiring more O2. Since he's settled, she has slowly started to wean his O2. I do wonder if this as to do with the fact that his leak in his tube is like 85%. Gee...hmmmm....


Yesterday Rob, Abby, and I went to our friends for a BBQ and visit. There was a one month old baby, (Micah - super cute) and when we were driving home Abby said "I want to see my baby brother, I want to see Lochlan." It really got me! I told her that we would see him the next day. Being around Micah really made her think of her brother I guess. Wow. I think she'll be okay with having a little brother around, what do you think?!

This morning she said the same thing - "I want to see Lochlan, I want to see my baby brother." I told her after she had her nap, we'd go to see him. Well, wouldn't the cutie putootie head for the stairs to go up to her bedroom! (It was only 10:30 - nap time a few hours away) But she was patient and so adorable when she finally did get to visit her baby brother.

She chatted with him and drew him a picture and flirted with the nurses. When is was time to go, she told him she loved him and blew him a kiss and said "bye, see you later." Super sweet. It was a quick visit today and I am anxious to get in to see him tomorrow and stay for a while.

Oh! I forgot to mention: His PICC line was removed today! WOO-hoo! He's getting everything orally now! No more IV's. So happy for him.

Now if we can work on that tube...

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