Friday, June 11, 2010

Results and update

I can't believe it's been 3 days since my last post. Sorry I've slacked off a bit. Lochlan has been improving with each passing day. His oxygen requirements have decreased and were even sitting at 23-24% the other night! During the day though they creep back up to between 35-45%. I'll take that too for now!

The results came back from his abdominal scan and his kidneys look great. No worries there. Also his blood culture came back negative so no bacteria growth. Phew! Those antibiotics seem to be doing there thang! His brain scan results came back as well and nothing has changed. Although the nurse said that if she's reading it correctly, (interpreting what the doctor wrote in his chart) than it is starting to regress. I certainly hope so.

What else has happened in the last 3 days...oh this is kind of funny - yesterday I told Lochlan that he has his daddy's hairline and he didn't like that too much. He started setting off some bells and whistles...but he came right back up on his saturation so it was just enough to say - Mom!!! Give me a break here!

I had a nice giggle though.

Today when I was telling him a few stories and singing a few songs, it seemed like he was smiling every now and then. Super cute! And it definitely made me feel good.

Oh! I know what I forgot! They decreased his vent settings! They went down on his bpm. (breaths per minute) He now is getting 50 although he tends to breathe more than that anyway but this just helps him along. The RT after I asked said that they would only ever go down to 45 which they had considered today but instead decided to wean him gradually so that he doesn't tire himself out too quickly and need to be increased again. After the 45 bpm they would start weaning him on a few other settings and then perhaps look at extubating and trying him out again on BiPAP or CPAP. When he's ready of course which probably won't be for at least another few weeks as he needs to rid himself of his infection. He'll be on the antibiotics for at least another week if not two more weeks.

The infection that he has is called...(if I'm hearing it correctly and of course spelling is the other issue here) Clempsia...or Clembsia?? Gut bug. It's apparently a surface bacteria hence the need for isolation and wearing of the gown and gloves. To be honest it's nice to have the private room - just wish it was under different circumstances.

I can't remember if I've mentioned that they removed his picc line. It starting leaking the other day so now he has an IV. His feeds are still at 1ml every 6 hours. They had up'd it to every 4 hours but he started bringing a little bit of it back up in his tube so hopefully that will all sort itself out soon.

I need to charge my camera battery so I will do that tonight and try to take some more pics tomorrow. He's getting more and more handsome every day. (and doing super cute things with his hands and face)

I decided to try out a new look for the blog. I think it's quite fitting.
Til tomorrow,


  1. that is good news..keep the good news coming hun!! I can't wait for the day that you post on here that little Lochlan is going home to his loving family. I pray that it will be one day soon. Until them keep the good news coming and we will keep the prayers going.

  2. The new look of the blog is great! Wonderful news about Lochlan and his progress :)