Monday, June 7, 2010

Happy One month birthday!

We had a really good weekend. Our 50th family reunion (for my side) was on Saturday so Rob, Abby and I had some much needed rest and relaxation. (and fun) It also marked Abby's first camping experience. She went up with Mom & Dad, Aunt Michele, Aunt Chrissy & Uncle Brad, cousins Blake and Owen, and Aunt Terri and Uncle Barry on Friday night while Rob and I had our first date night in quite a while. We went to dinner and saw Iron Man 2 which to be honest, although I liked the movie, I unfortunately struggled to stay awake. I kept doing that jumpy shake as I drifted off because I was trying to stop myself. Good times! But it was still a very enjoyable evening. As was the entire weekend. Rob and I camped Saturday night with my immediate family and enjoyed a campfire and good company. Definitely needed that!

Lochlan had a fantastic weekend as well! We visited with him on Saturday morning (his first month birthday) before we left and he was doing much better. We made sure they had cell phone numbers and off we went. (the reunion was 3 hours away so I was a bit apprehensive in leaving him with all of the developments this past week but thankfully he was doing a lot better) Julie, his nurse asked me if I wanted a cuddle. "Oh man!" Two snuggles so far since he was born, and I've been craving them so bad lately and on the day I was "allowed" I wasn't able to! (we had to get on the road for the reunion but mostly - because you know I'd certainly delay that for some good quality snuggling time with my boy, Juile realized that the doctor hadn't been by for rounds and would very likely be doing that just as we got settled in. D'oh! I was disappointed but reassured that this was a good thing if they were going to let me hold him!!

I called late Saturday night and was told that Loch was had had a good day and his night was going well too. He had gained 40 grams!!! His nurse, Nicholas said that he was going to weigh him again because he'd gained so much and he wanted to make sure it was accurate. It was! He is now back up to 1080 grams. He had lost weight and got down to 1020 on Thursday I think it was. Almost back to where he left off at 1100 grams just before all this infection business started.

This afternoon's visit came with some more comfort. His oxygen requirements had been at around 35% all day and he had had only a few spells. This was wonderful news considering he'd been in the 50s and 60s the last few days. He also had only been suctioned a few times. (not once every hour or two as was the case since Wednesday)

Tomorrow he will have some blood work done as well as a blood culture to check for bacteria and basically to see if the antibiotics are working. Which in my opinion are! He looked really good. He is still on full TPN and we'll find out hopefully tomorrow when they might start to resume his feeds. Also, they will not be doing a spinal tap. (sigh) Another good sign in my opinion. And his picc line remains. Another good thing since they won't have to start an IV and them put in a new picc line in a few days which is a complicated but much needed process.

Again I thank you for your continued support and prayers. I am amazed at how truly wonderful you are.


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  1. Happy One Month Birthday to Lochlan! Keep up the fight little one!