Tuesday, June 22, 2010

"Hi baby brudder!"

Sunday was a busy day. Abby and I started the day with some fun outside at the playground and let daddy sleep in til 11! Lucky boy for Father's Day! Then it was a last clean-up session to get ready for our open house and then off to visit Lochlan for me and Abby and Rob to Nana's for a nap. (Open house was from 1-4)

As soon as I got there I put on my gown (you have to wear a gown when you snuggle) and sat patiently while his nurse Alyssa prepared him. Then...*sigh* heaven as my little boy was put on my chest. It took a little bit for him to settle while he had his feed which I think was a little chilly for him as I don't remember her warming it up in his isolette. I had brought in some fresh milk but transported it with an ice pack but I don't think she realized this and thought it was room temp. I could be wrong but as she was pushing it through his tube, I felt the coolness since his tube side was lying on my chest. Anyway, I think he may have had some gas but then he passed it and all was good. He settled down beautifully.

We cuddled for almost an hour which went by so fast. Alyssa hadn't taken her lunch break and it was just after 3 so bless her for waiting!

Abby and Rob got there about 3:30 and Ab had only slept for the ride over to Nana's and wouldn't sleep upon arrival. So I was a bit concerned she'd be overtired. She was but she was super excited to meet her baby "brudder." I wish I had of brought the video camera! So adorable! "Hi baby brudder. Hi Lochlan. That's my baby brudder. That's Lochlan. *giggle giggle* Hi. *wave* *blow kisses*

She then sang a bit of "You are my sunshine" and we got a couple of family pics. Then Abby and I left for home and left Rob to visit but not before she left with some presents - two of Lochlan's diapers. One of his newborn size and one of his preemie size he's outgrown. Which amazingly didn't really fit when he was first born. I will take a pic and compare them to something tomorrow and post. It's truly unbelievable how tiny they are.

Lochlan's weight Sunday night was 1290grams (had dropped 50 but I had figured since he had a big poop and it was a lasix day) but was back up to 1360 tonight when I called. So he now weighs 3 pounds! Crazy!

AND he is on full feeds and no more TPN!!! (the nutrition from the drip into his IV) And his milk is being fortified once again. Very exciting! Grow baby grow!

He is now 32 weeks gestation and it's still hard to believe that he is not still in my belly and as been welcomed into this world for almost 7 weeks. We are hopefully about halfway there before bringing him home. Some of you have asked if there is a timeframe of when we'll be able to bring him home. No, not yet. Still a while to go yet. But we're getting there.

Oh, forgot to mention last week that he was out of isolation. He was still in his "private" room but was finally moved today back in with the other babies. I was disppointed today because when I arrived I couldn't go in for over an hour since they were putting in lines for a new baby in his area. I got in a bit of a snooze in the sunroom after reading for a bit but got restless and anxious as the waiting stretched on. (I was told it would be about a half an hour) Finally, I was able to go in to see him. So our visit was cut short because of it but I understand. I'm sure there have been a few times when other parents haven't been able to go see their little ones while Lochlan had procedures done. Just sucks though. You want to be able to see your baby - especially right away when you get there.

Okay, back to bed for me. I had some sleep but had to get up to pump and then thought I'd blog for a bit. Oh - today was a big day for me. I joined the gym again! First post-baby workout. And actually first real workout since being preggers. Go me. It'll be a good stress reliever and obviously good for overall health and well being. Plus there is a sauna and a water massage table, and a tanning bed. Sign me up for that! It's included in my membership! Woo-hoo! Guess what I'll be doing tomorrow -- the massage for sure!



  1. yes, Go you! for sure. You deserve a bit of pampering and exercise goes a long way to making you feel good. I need to start exercising myself. So far I am only going for walks but I need to start jogging again soon.

    I am so glad to hear that Abby got to meet her brother. I can just imagine how sweet it all looked!

    Take Care

  2. Thanks Chantal. It really was super sweet. It definitely brings a huge smile to face to remember their first introduction.