Monday, June 28, 2010

Doctor's update and thoughts

Last night's weight was 1520grams...3 pounds and 5 1/2 ounces....tonight his weight was down over 100 1375 I think that was what she head was spinning a bit thinking, my word, he's dropped a lot. But it was a lasix day and he got extra lasix since he had a blood transfusion. (His hemoglobin levels were low)

He was pretty tuckered out when I visited him today. Slept, slept, and slept some more. One of my favourite nurses was on - Lois. She's such a blessing. I immediately get a warm feeling when she's there. Brings me comfort knowing that she is taking care of my baby boy. She found a four leaf clover and gave it to me!! How sweet is that. I placed in on the outside of Lochlan's isolette.

He continues to cruise along. Dr. Flavin came to talk to me since we haven't had a chat in a while. The main issue continues to be Lochlan's lungs because they are so premature. Basically he needs to pack on the pounds...or in his case - ounces! As he grows, he will heal more and hopefully require less oxygen and be able to get off the vent for good.

I asked about the leak in his tube (today it was fluctuating but was at one point 98%) and he said they've been discussing it but feel like they could put in a bigger one but it would probably be the same result...good for a few days, then another leak would present itself. (also he's a bit small for the bigger tube) But the main thing is that some part of his throat is dilated and irratated by the tube because he has been ventilated for the past almost 8 weeks. It will heal once he is not on the breathing tube but that will take some time too.

I asked about his eye test and apparently, I missed being told that he was even having one or that he'd had one because it was 2 weeks ago. It was normal. No ROP! But his eyes were showing immaturity which is where you would expect them to be given his gestational age. The doctor is going to monitor his eyes and he will have another exam this week to check their progress.

Doctor Flavin did mention that he thinks it is highly likely that Lochlan will come home on low flow oxygen (via nose prongs) so I guess that nurse was correct in her thinking. But still I didn't need her opinion thrown into the mix! And who really knows right?

He also estimates that Lochlan will be ready to come home in 10-12 weeks. (3-5 weeks longer than I'm hoping for) 10 weeks from now is September. The week of Rob's birthday in fact. So between September 7th -21st.
Please pray that Lochlan continues to heal and grow and that he will be ready to come home before then. I was thinking he'd only have a month and a few weeks to go...not two more months and a few weeks. I suppose in the grand scheme of things, what is one more month...but to me it feels like an eternity.

Tomorrow, I am looking forward to having another snuggle with my boy. Lois has already mentioned it and I will keep that in my thoughts as I go to sleep and wake up to start a new day.

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  1. Hi, Jenn!

    Sorry about the slow going. With what we're now going through with Timmy, I would highly advise not bumping up the ET tube size too fast. Someone put Timmy on a 4.0 tube. A preemie should never even go above a 3.0! And now they are having trouble extubating. So frustrating! We now have an ENT on board and he's hoping to be able to take the tube out for good by the end of this week, just needing to wait for Timmy's belly to heal.

    When we first landed in the NICU, things looked so positive for a short stay and now we've been there over 2 months and still nowhere near where I'd like us to be.

    Sounds like you have some great nurses and are staying positive. Always thinking of and praying for you and Lochlan!