Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Update & new pics

Lochlan now weighs 1395grams (3 pounds and 1 ounce) even though he had 2 poops today! lol I still think it's funny that I get excited over poop!
Last night his weight didn't go up or down. It stayed right at 1360.

He's been cruising along the last couple of days with no big changes, just minor tweaks here and there. He is now getting two packages of fortifier for his milk which should really help him gain.

He will also be having an eye exam coming up very soon. This is to check for ROP. Please look it up because I have a hard time remembering what it all means. Essentially it could lead to blindless if not caught in time. And babies that are earlier than 32 weeks gestation at birth have a greater chance of developing it since they've typically been up and down with the oxygen a lot more.
I told the nurse that I would file that in my "to worry about later" file.

I was annoyed a little bit yesterday with the nurse he had. Not to be rude, but she's not one of my favourites for sure. Not a great bedside manner. Very blunt. I had asked about when his next brain scan will be and it is scheduled for August 18th (the day after his official due date) and I wondered that if he was doing well and ended up being discharge before then what would happen - would I bring him in or would it be done sooner? And she said that she thinks he'll be here longer than that with all his respiratory problems etc....which led to her saying that she believes he will go home on low flow oxygen (prongs in the nose) but that this would be the least of his worries. (or problems I can't remember which word she used) Are you kidding me? I tend to laugh it off these days. And shake my head and roll my eyes. I get it. He may have some issues in the future. Trust me, I've already heard it all. But come on. I don't need to hear your opinion and you don't need to be so negative and rude about everything. Rob said I should have asked what she meant. But I didn't have the energy. And I really don't care. We'll cross whatever bridge we need to when we get there. I already know that that's a strong possibility given his gestational age when he was born. But miracles happen. And they continue to happen. And whatever will be will be.

Anyway, lucky for us Lochlan got to have her two days in a row. (typically the case) But together I was in a better mood. Plus I had something else to focus on too. I'll get to that in a bit.

Lochlan is doing great today. As mentioned earlier he's up to 3 pounds and 1 ounce. A far cry from the scawny lil guy he was. Still lots of weight to gain but he's doing awesome in my opinion. Nana and poppa came for a visit. They were happy to see his changes. His eyes were open and he was very alert which I was glad of.

It looks like he will be getting a new roommate very soon. Terri, my sister is in the hospital and is 34 weeks gestation but has some type of infection. They are trying to figure out what exactly...they've ruled out a kidney infection, but are thinking it's a uterine infection. But her appendix are still a strong possibility as well. She is getting induced but they are waiting to see and may end up doing a c-section. Her fever was spiking again (she was admitted with a temp of 108) and the baby's heartrate was going up. So we shall see. I gut tells me she will have a c-section. She's completing wiped from the pain and everything...she was admitted early this morning but she's been having pain since Sunday/Monday.

Anyway, regardless she will be having the baby most likely tomorrow. Because the baby is only 34 weeks gestation it will have to go to the NICU to be monitored and checked out etc. They asked me (the nurses) if I would like/wouldn't mind him or her being put next to Lochlan. I said absolutely they can. (They can keep eachother company)

So I'm just waiting for the phone call to get an update. Playing the waiting game.

On a more positive note and not so emotional...we sold our house!!! wooo-hooooo! A few minor conditions...but YES YES YES!!! Home inspection and financing which we've been told she's already been approved for and we're pretty much good to go. Closing date is July 30th...which we will be more than likely able to move up with the house we bought as they are moving out next weekend and really wanted a quick closing. We had told them this was a strong possibilty. So we should be able to confirm everything by July 8th. Fingers crossed everything works out. THANK YOU GOD! Some stress off my shoulders. July 8th it will really be lifted and then of course once Lochlan comes home, a whole different story!!! : )

Anyway, I should get to bed. Long day and another long one again tomorrow.

Please continue to keep Lochlan in your thoughts as well as say a new one for Terri and Barry's baby to come and also if you could send out a prayer to all the NICU babies and their parents that would be wonderful especially to Timmy & Natalie, and Nora.



  1. Jenn I love the new pics of Lochlan (especially with Nanna and Poppa) I can't believe how much he has grown already... you can see the fat (excuse the term) but he just looks healthier and like he's thriving- I'm so happy that he is continuing to gain and you are so right to worry about things as they come. It must be hard to keep those thoughts, but you are strong and I'm very proud of you!!!
    XXXOOO Stephanie

  2. Hi Jenn,
    As a nurse myself, it never ceases to amaze and disappoint me when others in the field don't take a moment to think about the impact of their words. Whether the excuse is a bad mood, a busy day or just plain lack of tact it is so important for nurses to be aware that the attitude they put forth greatly affects their patients and families....who are often just looking for some words of encouragement and reassurance in stressful times. Why is that so hard to find it in one's heart to give? I love how you are trying to see it for what it is....poorly chosen words/actions but I can imagine that it wouldn't be easy to let it roll off you without an impact. your baby and you have shown nothing but amazing strength and perseverance which will go a long way in this world....much farther than that particular nurse gave either of you, it's the stuff that makes for passing anyone's hopes or expectations!! Take care....and I hope that your sister does too!!
    Love Krista

  3. Jenn, you are such a wonderful person, even when your complaining about said nurse, you still are kind and thoughtful, you are a blessing and you have my respect and love and blessings, your beautiful son is already a blessing and a gift that has taught you so much so soon. This blog is a testament to your grace and willingness to share your concerns but so much more importantly your journey, God Bless you and your family, Terri and her family is also in my prayers, love Deb xoxoxxo

  4. Steph - he does look so much healthier. I'm so proud of him and happy and excited he's growing.

    Krista - I've messaged you back on facebook but thank you again.

    Deb - Thank you so much for your very kind words. You brought tears to my eyes. Lochlan is most definitely a gift and a blessing.