Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My little burrito

Lochlan had a wonderful day. His O2 was between 38%-42% and he was all wrapped up like a burrito. So cute. He definitely does much better when he is swaddled.

To help him gain weight, they have added micro lipids to his diet. This should really help him beef up. I asked yesterday what the weight is of an average 33 weeker and Lois said a baby born not so premature would be about 2400-2500 grams. Lochlan is 1400grams and 2 weeks shy of that mark. And there's no way he'll gain a kilo in 2 weeks. So they decided to help him along and rather than add more human milk fortifier which he's already up to 4 packs I believe, they'd try him on the micro lipids. He is also receiving lasix daily now rather than every other day to help clear his lungs as they still sound wet.

This afternoon, I hadn't even sat down before his nurse, talked about holding him. So we snuggled for almost an hour. HEAVEN! I LOVE looking at my lil miracle. I got to hold him in my arms, rather than on my chest this time. Amazing. I'm not sure which I prefer, because they each have pros. I think I'll mix it up each time! When he's on my chest, I can give him kisses but when he's in my arms, I get a better view of his features.

When we were cuddling, his O2 got down to 36% and he was still sat'ing in the high 90s. The goal is to have his sat'ing between 82-87. They don't want him to be on too high of oxygen as this can have an impact on his eyes. It's the back and forth, higher, lower thing that can affect his eyes. Speaking of which, he had another eye exam today and again, all is normal. He will be checked again in 10-14 days. Oh please let his eyes continue to develop normally.

I found his nurse today to be a bit rough. She had to suction him a few times with the small catheter and she just shoved it around in his mouth and up his nose. She was like, oh he hates it when I do this. (No doubt!) It was difficult to watch. I knew that it needed to be done but I was like, he's still pretty fragile lady! It definitely did help him and he was able to have better O2, I just wish she could have been a bit more gentle.

Oh and after she brought him out for me, he was lying in my arms and I was looking at the monitor and seeing, check leak or something of that nature, and hearing this big shushing sound...and I'm waiting for them to do something....and I finally said, uh, is that supposed to say there's a leak? Um no! They fixed the tube that had come apart and Lochlan was fine but they still bagged him (gave him manual breaths -- the bag connects to his tube) just to be on the safe side. So I'm holding him in my arms, while they give him manual breaths and fix this thing. I wasn't scared, but was definitely an experience. And sort of brought everything back to reality for a bit - the fact that those tubes and wires are what's keeping him alive. Crazy. And thankful all at the same time.

Anyway, it was a nice way to wrap up the afternoon. (the snuggling part - minus the bagging)

Sleep well my little burrito! Mommy loves you.


  1. Lovely pictures today, Jennifer! Many thanks for all the updates on Lochlan's progress.

  2. Happy Canada Day Lochlan, you've come so far, Canada, so lucky to have a strong, sweet young man for a citizen, all the best!!!!!

  3. rosemary said...
    favourite pictures of Lochlan and mummy to date, except for the one with Abigail and their daddy