Tuesday, June 8, 2010

More snuggle time & pics

Finally: another snuggle! Our third time with some cuddle time and I had my camera ready! I was super excited he'd had a good night and was having a good day so far. His oxygen levels were sitting around 35% and he no longer was having any bile in his feeding tube. (He'd had an upset tummy the last few days) Also - his secretions have decreased so much less suctioning. Whew! I believe the antibiotics are working!
We shall see tomorrow (well most likely Wednesday or Thursday) if they are because he will have a blood culture done to find out if the bacteria is still growing or going away, etc.

When I called tonight just after 8pm they had moved him to his own private room. The infectious disease specialist suggested this as a precaution. His infection is common according to the nurse, and I'm not sure why, after 5 days they are moving him to isolation. You'd think that would have been done almost immediately. Perhaps I'll find out more tomorrow.

Not only did I get in some good cuddling time, I got to change his diaper for the first time! One wouldn't think you could get that excited over changing a diaper, but I certainly did! He got mad at me though. My hands were a bit chilly and the nurse said that it could have been too because he was thinking he was going to get poked or prodded.

Time to hit the hay. I fell asleep during the Bachelorette girls night with my girlfriends Danielle and Amy. D'oh! So I know I'm super tired!



  1. Ohhh so sweet. Skin to skin time must feel so wonderful for both of you! I am glad his infection has subsided. He really is a strong little boy!

  2. Oh Jen, how beautiful, you are absolutely glowing!! Lochlan sure is a fighter!! Stay strong and I will be praying for more snuggle time with your precious little boy.