Tuesday, May 4, 2010

and so it begins...

April 8th, 2010. There I was, enjoying being pregnant with my second child and getting anxious to start feeling those strong kicks. Everything was going along perfectly. I felt great. I sometimes had to remind myself that I was pregnant. And then one day, I got the flu and came home from school (I'm a teacher) and couldn't stop throwing up from both ends if you will. (sorry for the T.M.I. details) After a few hours of this, on my next trip to the loo, I had started bleeding. I immediately paged my midwife who told me to go to hosptial right away. I was scared beyond belief.
When we arrived, everything was such a blur. After being inspected down below and all my vitals taken, the doctor came in and did an ultrasound where I remember thinking, man that's really dark - how can he see anything? That's when he told us that my membranes had ruptured. The baby had very little fluid surrounding it. I was devestated. What did this mean? I was only 21 weeks and a few days!
I was admitted to hospital and started on antibiotics. A few days of IV antibiotics and then oral antibiotics. Friends and family were great and I felt the love immediately. Prayer blankets were made and I still sleep with both wrapped around my tummy. I was given blood thinners to ward off any blood clots while being confined mostly to my bed.

Although I had vistors throughout my week and a bit stay, it was very difficult to be in hosptial, away from my life, away from my husband and daughter. Thankfully, Abby, our daughter, adjusted really well with mommy being away from home and visited almost every day.

The one thing that I found to be the most difficult was being told that our baby was not considered viable until 24 weeks gestation. Reaching that milestone felt like a million years away. Especially when they say that women whose membranes rupture usually deliver within 48 hours to a week. Also, I hated being given the option on not just one occasion, but several where we could terminate the pregnancy and that it would be a perfectly reasonable decision. I understand some women choose to do this, but it was not an option for us. I can't imagine feeling this baby moving around in my belly and not giving it a chance to be a miracle baby. Our little miracle.

On Friday. April 16th, I was discharged as an outpatient and was told I would not have to remain on Fragmen (the blood thinner) and would not have to be confined to bedrest - just to take it easy and get lots of rest.

Overall, I have felt normal, I get tired very easily and also get a reminder several times throughout the day with fluid leaks, that everything is not normal for me right now. I continue to pray every day that our baby will be healthy and stay in my womb as long as possible.
I have been back and forth to hosptial at least 3x a week for heart rate checks on the baby, bloodwork, and doctor visits and also started Bio Physical Profiles where they watch the baby move and try practice breathing via ultrasound. Today, May 4th, I got my second dose of steroids to help mature the lungs. It's not a pleasant needle to receive. It goes in your hip/butt area and stings like a good thing. But I kept reminding myself that this is a good thing! You had to reach at least 24 weeks to get the shot! Friday, I meet with the pediatrics team from the NICU. I'm now 25 weeks along and hope to still be pregnant for at least another 5 weeks. I keep thinking 32 weeks is a good number to aim for. But it's really in God's hands and He knows what is best.

This is super long since it's my first entry but I wanted to give some back story. I hope you will continue to pray for me and my little growing miracle. And please pray for any other families who are going through similar situations. It is definitely not easy.

God Bless,

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  1. Hi, Jenn! Saw your comment on Baby Girl Tee and wanted to send happy thoughts your way. Natalie's mom and I met on BabyCenter.com and ended up delivering our pPROM babies the same day. Like you, I pPROMed at 21w4d and was completely devastated. However, we went almost 8 weeks to the day to deliver 2 weeks ago at 29w3d. Our little guy has done extremely well overall in spite of being born so early.

    Please let me know if there is any way I can be of more support to you. Definitely take it as easy as you can and chug the water. We never saw much on ultrasound until his last one - almost 3cm - but, judging by the soggy diapers the nurses keep getting, I know he peed A LOT and had more fluid than we'll ever know.

    Hugs and prayers to you! Wendy