Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mommies Day

For those of you who may have noticed, yes we did change the spelling of Lochlan's name. Still the same pronunciation but we felt this might have a better chance of being pronounced correctly. Tough decision but what can you do! Some babies don't even get a name right away!

Little Loch will be okay with this I'm sure. His name means Warrior from the land of the Lochs...and he is definitely living up to that! Rob's thrilled he found another meaning that says,
"Name of the individual with the largest, thicket, healthiest penis on the planet. Often used when comparing other penis sizes." Although something tells me it probably says that about every boy name on this website! Hilarious though!

Feel free to have a little giggle!

Our fighter keeps fighting the fight. He had another good day yesterday and night and today is off to a great start as well. He is breathing room air which is amazing! He's still on the oscillator (sp?) which he will be be for quite some time but he hasn't needed as much assistance. Go Lochlan!

Yesterday he was a bit dehydrated but they've been adjusting a few things and that seems to be dealt with now.

Over the next few weeks he could have some lung issues from getting assistance but they will arise and be dealt with as needed. He will have another brain scan on Wednesday to check for bleeds and fingers crossed and prayers answered all will be well. After Wed, he would get scanned at his 30 day of life or if they feel like something is going on. The risks drop off after a week or so of life for brain bleeds. Please God be good to us as you have continued to be.

Last night when I went to visit, the nurse said he was being quite the lil joker. He peed on her! He shot it across the isolette and hit her scrubs! Maybe Rob's definition is bang on! ha ha He was also kicking his pillows around on her. She'd move them under his legs, he'd kick them away!

I'm hoping to go home today. That was part of the plan. I have mixed feelings. I'm torn between wanting to stay here to be close to him and going home and sleeping in my own bed and being closer to Abby. It's tough. But I know it will be tough today, tomorrow, a week from's inevitable.

Either way, I'll be back and forth to hospital a few times probably each day. Pumping and bringing that in as well as spending time with Lochlan. It will be a long road but again, I am thankful for your continued support and prayers. Please pray every day for our little miracle baby. They are working!!

Lots of love,


  1. Happy Mother's Day to you!

    We had a bit of a rough week last week so I completely missed the birth of your son! Congratulations! Glad to hear that things are going well with Lochlan. (Love the name!)

    These little guys are such fighters! Definitely lots of prayers headed out for both of you! This is definitely one wild ride. Some parts exhilarating in how well things are going, some parts so heartwrenching that no one who has never been there can ever understand.

    All my best to you and your family!

  2. Happy mothers day Jen! I'm so very proud of you!
    Lots of love,