Friday, May 28, 2010


Wow! What a pleasant surprise I had when I went in this afternoon. A new machine! I looked in at my lil boy and he was on what is called a BiPAP. They extubated him! There was some talk over this for the last little while but yesterday I was convinced it wasn't going to happen. (see earlier post) But they decided that because his leak was so bad (the tube was way to small for him -- think breathing through a tiny straw) they would try him on the BiPAP. The tube had been leaking more than what he was getting.

His head is covered up with this hat type contraction with a mask that goes over his entire nose. His face is a little smushed from the elastic on the mask but he's still as cute as ever. (looks like some crazy amusement park ride headgear or something)

The green thing in his mouth is his soother. It looks gigantic but it's really not. He loves his soother. The nurses say they think he'll be pretty good at taking to nursing since he has a great sucking reflex already. Let's hope!

I just got off the phone from my nightly call in before bed and Sue, his nurse said that she is very happy with him. She was on last night and she said he's taking less spells (where he destats and sometimes forgets to breathe which is completely normal for his gestational age) and she thinks he's doing much better than when he was intubated and on the vent. That is not to say that he couldn't be reintubated at some point. He may just get too tired and need more help. Fingers crossed he doesn't.

She hasn't weighed him yet but last night he was back down to 970 grams, (he lost 30 grams again) It's still over 2 pounds but keep in mind he's on lasix which can make him lose weight. Today when I was in, he was getting 8 mils every 2 hours of breastmilk and tolerating it very well. Sue said he got up to 9 mils but she reduced him to 5-6 mils every 2 hours because she was worried that with the BiPAP sometimes their little tummies can get bloated and feel pressured. But she did say that when it's been two hours, he's like, "I'm hungry - feed me!"

I forgot to mention in previous posts that he is now on puffers. One is a steroid and the other is ventalin I think. These are to help with his lungs. When he was intubated they weren't doing much and there was no way to tell if he was actually getting most of the puffs since his tube had such a big leak. So hopefully with being on the BiPAP, they will help much more and we'll see some more progress.

I really liked the nurses he had today. Julie was his day nurse and Sue, whom I've mentioned was his night nurse. It's amazing how some people you just feel like you connect better with. I haven't even met Sue, just spoken to her on the phone, and yet I immediately felt comfortable talking to her. She was so kind and reassuring and positive. I hope he has them for his care more often. It's too bad you can't pick and choose!!

Julie said today that she would let me hold him but I agreed it was too busy a day for him. But she did say that tomorrow I can definitely hold him!!! I soooooo can't wait! Better get to bed because the sooner I do, the sooner I can go in and hold my baby!

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  1. Hi Jenn,its Ida, he is sooooo cute!! and yes he is god's little miracle, sue sounds familiar because when Ellice was in the Nic unit i swear she was the same one to look after her and if she is the same nurse trust me she is absolutely amazing, absolutely, he will be okay, god loves him and he loves you too and so do, i have tears in my eyes just looking at him and how tiny he is and remembering my own baby he will be fine, god bless you and don"t forget to to continue to pray everyday, even when you are home, and in the car because he is truly awesome, love you lots.