Friday, May 21, 2010

Ups and downs

Wow. Yesterday was a tough day. Not horrible, just a bit worrisome. Lochlan required quite a bit of oxygen yesterday and he was setting off a lot of bells. I wasn't overly comfortable with where he was at while I was visiting. I knew he was having a tough day. Poor lil monkey. But I tried to remind myself that the doctors have said, there will be good days and there will be bad days. Up to this point, he's had several good days in a row.

Last night, right before bed I called and he was requiring 70% oxygen. Very high when you think about room air being 21% and that he had been sitting around the 30s the last few days. The nurse wasn't overly helpful at making me feel positive. That's one of the things I hate. How some nurses are better at making you feel like everything is okay or is going to be okay and they just have this way about them. Then there are the ones that say stupid things or just aren't good at the whole being sensitive and comforting thing.

We have one wicked nurse - Her name is Lois and I can't wait to have her back looking after Lochlan. She is amazing. She just has this way about her. And she believes in this energy "treatment" if you will. Just by holding on to these tiny pillows or blankets before she puts them in his isolette -- they can keep your energy for quite some time and make it seem like you are there with him.

I knew the day nurse today was going to put in some pillows to help support Loch and so I grabbed one from his drawer and was holding it and putting some positive and loving energy into it and I told the nurse I had it and gave it to her and she put it back in his drawer. I was crushed. Shocked actually is more like it. But Lois did say that not every nurse believes in it or knows about it. Frustrating. But I didn't say anything. I knew she was just being oblivious.

Today was a much better day though. One of the first things I noticed was that it was quieter! They took him off of the oscillator!!!! Big step! He is now on the vent. The oscillator is more of an artificial breathing machine whereas the vent is more normal like. He was de-stat'ing a bit today (where the oxygen saturation goes way down) but he was finally doing a lot better. He loves his tummy. When the nurse put him on his tummy his saturation went up to 100%! They did a gas as they call it and it was really good. So good I guess that they were smiling when they told me how good it was. They decided to reduce the amount of pressure of the vent. Which is super good.

Tonight his oxygen requirement was sitting around 33%. Very good considering his day yesterday. He is also back up to 2cc every 2 hours for feeds. (They had reduced it yesterday to 1cc every 2 hours and had skipped a few feeds) He also had a good couple of poops since last night.

I asked about his brain scan, and the nurse told me it was the same as the last scan - grade 2. But she did say that it could take some time before he starts to absorb the blood. She wasn't sure when they'll repeat the scan but I'm assuming Wednesday.

I bought his first outfit today. I was out buying Abby some jammies and saw this outfit that said "Stronger than you think" with a little monkey lifting a barbell on it. I was like, okay must get this!! It won't fit him for a very long time. It's newborn size but it starts at 5lbs. One day he'll get there. And he'll look super cute in it!

Anyway, best be getting to bed. Abby is not feeling very well today and I've had to dish out some extra snuggles since she went to bed. She's such a great kid. I can't believe how blessed I am to have two wonderful children. I can't wait to bring Lochlan home in hopefully less than 12 weeks!

Not to say I want the summer to fly by but I do.


  1. Glad to hear you met Lois. She was one of the nurses who was present when the girls were whisked away to the resuscitation room. She is amazing, EXTREMELY experienced.
    Carrie, Mary Jane and Sue (tall sue) were all really great too.
    Katie Pero was working in the NICU sometimes when we were there, but because she was a nurse from the floor (I don't know if that changed) she didn't get extreme preemies, just the feeder/grower babes.
    Shannon was just starting, she took care of us too. I knew her from cleaning the Wally. She was great. Very proficient.
    Hope you find a few more who are good.

  2. I will pray that Lochlan will pee and poop on all the not so kind nurses..hehehe!! I hope day will be one of the good days and thoughts and prayers are still with you and will continue to be. Take care hun and that's for the updates.

  3. jenn and rob my prays are with you it is a long struggle but everything will be ok,and i will see you soon and love you. Give abby a big hug and kiss for such a big girl. love Auntie Dar and Uncle jim