Thursday, May 27, 2010

Milestones and #2

Well...I've realized I've been slacking off a bit lately in my blogs. Whoopsie! Lochlan continues to do well. He has his ups and downs as per usual but overall, he's doing amazing. I couldn't be more proud!

He is now up to 1000 grams (which is 2.2 pounds) He did weigh that Monday night but had lost 30 grams when they weighed him Tuesday night. Last night he was back up to 1000 grams. Plus - he's up to 5cc of b.milk every ...I can't remember if it's 2 hours or 4 hours! Too much info in my head! But that's a great accomplishment! Although you hear of other babies in the NICU that are taking like 80 mils...that seems so far away! We'll get there!

I'm trying to remember if I need to update you on anything else....hmmmm

His next brain scan will be on June 16th. They still keep saying that it's nothing to worry about with being a level 2 bleed. It should reabsorb itself over time. The doctor said it probably has something to do with all the procedures and everything that he's been through.

Yesterday they were going to do a blood test to check his white blood cell count as it was starting to be a concern. I haven't heard the results but they will be monitoring him closely to make sure he doesn't get or have an infection of some sort. They are very proactive. Which is reassuring.

His breathing tube continues to have a big leak...60% or something like that which is a HUGE leak if you ask me. But they don't want to change it because that would mean re-intubating him which obviously is a BIG deal. So they are just waiting. They may try him on CPAP rather than put in a bigger tube when the time comes. But they think at this point he is still not ready for that. His oxygen requirements have been pretty high lately but it's probably because of the leak. Been sitting around the 50s the last few days. Sometimes he'll come down to the 30s but then he has these spells and they have to up it again. He tends to constantly keep them busy going up and down in his stats. He moves around a lot which doesn't help either.

Today I found a little difficult. I was having a bit of a downer - oh whoah is me type of day. I want so desperately to hold my boy again (I haven't held him since that first time Monday) and it pains me sometimes to see other parents holding their babies. I'm happy for them, I really am, but I'm also jealous. I know that the nurse told me it will depend on how he's doing and what has happened that day and how busy they are, etc....but I get excited on my way to the hospital thinking, okay, maybe today I can hold him...and I bring my camera so I'm ready...and I mean, I suppose it's a bit my fault today as I didn't ask, but can't they tell I want to hold him?? ; )

Tonight I finally got to take Abby to her swimming lesson. It's been 7 weeks since she started and I've only been able to watch. She was cling master 7 but was still loving it and then all of a sudden when I put her on the side of the pool where she jumps from the side her face contorted and...well...yeppers...she was taking a #2. We still had like 10mins left. I felt really bad for her since she was so excited to be swimming and had wanted to go down the slide from the get go and I knew that she was done for the day.

Well we finally got out and went to the change room and she was clearly upset having not been able to shower etc...and of course didn't want her bum changed. Sometimes she feels like she still needs to poop just because the poop is on her here I was, still in my bathing suit and I quickly put my clothes over top, gathered her up...wrapped her towel around her as the poop was starting to seep out and I carried up out to the car. On our way out, she brushed against the wall and something told me to look back...good thing I did because some poop was left behind!! Oh the horror! I quickly wiped it with the towel and prayed no other mom's saw!

Anyway, I got her out to the car and cleaned her up - without wipes which were at home, (good one me) as best I could and she went home in her winter boots (she saw them in the car and wanted to put them on) and her diaper and a tank top. Good times!

And that, my friends, was my first swimming lesson with Abby after all these weeks. I just had to share! Hope there was some entertainment there and your not just sitting there disgusted! At least she had a good poop. (she had been struggling with constipation for quite some time) There's always a silver lining!



  1. Bless you Jenn, your story is an incredible one to follow. I appreciate your honesty and your optimism - no doubt this life stuff sometimes gets poopy - thank God for his ability to make all things work for good and for His super absorbent shoulders to carry our stink!

  2. Thanks Jackie. I appreciate your support.