Friday, May 7, 2010

That first touch

Managed to get in to see Lochlan last night. He is so incredibly beautiful and tiny. He has to smallest little fingers and toes. And boy is he a fighter! His oxygen levels are looking good and he had a great night last night and is so far having a great day. Keep praying. We know this will be an up and down process and that he will be great one day or minute and the next not so great. There will be setbacks yes, but there will be miracles too. I got to touch his tiny little fingers and toes just to say, hey mommy's here Lochlan - I love you very much.

We went to visit him again this morning and he was moving around a lot which is a very good thing. Kicking his little legs almost to put on a show for mommy and daddy. I can't wait to be able to get out of the wheelchair so I can have a better look at our son.

Positive thoughts,

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